Constipation may be a very common issue in children but it may have many reasons and there are healthy and simple ways to counter it

When the child is finding it difficult to pass stools or does not visit the lavatory often or daily, it can be said to be the condition of constipation. If the kid passes the stool only two or three times a week, it becomes harder to have a proper bowel movement. The signs can be large and hard stools. Excessive pressure to relieve the act or blood in the feces can be also the symptoms of it.

Many a times, children may avoid going to the loo, as they want to complete their game or play activity. They may even have some fear of the water or closed spaces and may avoid visiting the bathroom. Even if the urge to go to the bathroom is present, the kid may not acknowledge the fact that it is important to relieve them.


It is important that you teach your children the importance of maintaining a healthy life. For this, you need to tell them that they should visit the bathroom everyday and do not suppress the urge or desire to it. Children may even want to avoid the activity to just get it done fast so that they can pursue other things. Even this can invite constipation.

Difficulty in breathing or headache may result due to the pressure the child puts while passing stool. In constipation, the stool becomes very hard can hurt the anal area and also lead to gas and other intestinal issues. Pain or cuts in the anal region may result due to this that can lead to bleeding. Sometimes the parasitic infection or other conditions may even lead to it.


Medications for iron deficiency or absence of enough fiber can welcome this condition. Unhealthy diet consisting of fatty and spicy food items may also bring on this dilemma. Especially, children love to indulge in junk food and other rash eating habits. It can actually make the constipation a recurrent problem and cause more complications.

Fries, burgers, milkshakes, cookies, processed sugar, candies, soft drinks, and even nuts can give encouragement to constipation. Antidepressants and shift from breast milk to solid food items may also result in this. Stress and depression may also be the cause. Even diarrhea can happen because of this. Some problematic situation or fear of a thing may also instate this.

Irritable bowel syndrome and eating disorders can also trigger constipation. In very rare incidences, this can be the resultant cause of some diseases.


Include fiber in the diet of the children. It helps in cleaning the intestine and also improving the bowel function. You can involve green vegetables and whole bread to bring in the balance of fiber in the body. Fluids like water and fruit juices will also help and increase the urge of the children to go to the bathroom.

Mild exercises and walks can also make the children give in to the feeling of passing the stools. Make a schedule for the children and see to it that they follow the bathroom activity plan properly. Keeping their mind free of any emotional distress is also essential. Tell them to follow a routine sleep pattern and get enough rest.