It is true that stress and problems in personal and professional life have an indirect link to the issues in bowel movements and urinary tract

This can lead to discomfort and also embarrassment. What is that uncanny feeling in the stomach that you get when you face any stressful situation? A strong urge to relieve yourself like urinating or passing stool when you get nervous can occur. Many people suffer from this condition. It is common among everyone. But in certain individuals, this can go to an extreme. In these cases, the person may react to the mildest of the stressful situations in this way.

Urinating and passing stool while under stress: Warning sign

It is generally seen in children due to night terrors or any issue related to physical and mental health. If the kid feels insecure or is suppressing some fear or desire, this may happen. Sudden urinating act on the bed after a nightmare is visible in children. A strong urge to visit the bathroom when meeting strangers can also influence this condition. Coming across a life threatening and difficult incidence may also lead to this.

Many of us can describe this void feeling in the stomach as something like ‘vacuuming and digging inside the body’. In pleasant moments, similar feeling can take place. But here, people may term it as ‘love pangs’ and ‘butterflies in the stomach’. Apart from all these layman descriptions, there is a strong medical fact behind this.


Our body is built in a way to react to stress and fight the negative or a threatening element immediately as the need arises. The immune system gets ready to produce the necessary chemicals and the glands release certain hormones depending upon the stimulant. Nervousness and low self esteem or the feeling of ‘ I cannot do this’ or the belief of ‘ I am not good enough for this’ or even guilt, may usher in this issue.

Basically, the passing of urine and feces in the absence of the normal body functioning is just a warning sign that our system provides to the body. In response, we may either react or give in to the compulsion of the need to succumb to this desire. Adults can still control such vibes, but this is seemingly difficult for the children and the teenagers. It is therefore advisable to not feel so low about yourself and to face any adversaries boldly without any hesitation.


The blood vessels and the muscles along with the intestinal tract contracts and releases some substances that are responsible for this ‘eeriness’. You may even find it difficult to breathe or gulp the saliva. Hunger may reduce and you will get a signal, as if your body is telling you to feel and save yourself.

This is one of the defense mechanism of the body that aggravates to a level when people have no control over their actions relating to relieving urine and feces. This can be due to nervous system damage also. Especially in elderly people and small children, this act becomes a problem for many and also the individual. You need to however address this dilemma with patience and take them to a doctor for the right treatment.