Several complications that affected the body of every individual, and the most commonly affected area in the body is the skin as there are several allergies and other problems such as rashes and skin infections that affect the skin. The most commonly experienced problem with the skin is skin rashes that can occur n any part of the body due to several reasons. Rashes on the skin can spread on the larger area on the skin and can also be limited to a particular area of the skin. Most of the symptoms of rashes on the skin are common such as inflammatory or itchy skin, patches on skin that look like scales like a fish and also bumps that usually changes the look of the skin.  Every skin rash differs from each other and there can be differentiated on the basis of the cause of the skin situation. Allergies, infections and also some disease that prove to be risky for causing rashes on the skin, the following are the few types of skin rashes caused on the skin due to various reasons.


If your skin appears reddish, you feel itchiness and also the particular area of the skin looks swollen these are the common symptoms of rashes on the skin called as hives.  Hives is a commonly used term for this inflamed condition of the skin where as the actual scientific name for this condition of the skin is called as urticaria, this condition of hives or probably urticaria may occur anywhere on the body and cause inflamed skin patches on the body.  Hives is commonly experienced by several reasons as the causes of these complications are insect bites, some allergic reaction to a food item or a cosmetic product that includes the use chemicals can lead to this type of condign called as hives. Some medications are also reasons for skin rashes called as hives due to the chemical content or a particular chemical that might not suit the body.


Eczema is again a commonly experienced skin condition that is a result of various causes, this skin condition affected any individual be it a adult person or a  small kid  and this skin problem has sever effects on the skin that is troublesome. Appearance, cause and the location of the inflammation are the various criteria with the help of which this skin condition can be categorized. The most common forms of this skin condition are allergens, skin irritants  and also infections, the  various characteristics of eczema  includes skin rashes, redness of the skin patch, and flakes on the skin


Psoriasis is another skin condition that is commonly been affected to kids and adults. This skin complication is chronic in nature due to which the natural growth of the skin cells becomes innumerable. Due to the excess multiplication of e skin cells the consequences are dry skin along with itchy, red and flaky skin. There are several other forms of this skin condition that can be differentiated because of the appearance and the cause of the condition.  Proper functioning of the immune system is very important to keep away from this skin condition called psoriasis as overreaction of the body’s defense system that leads to infections, stress, injury and the climatic conditions that can further lead to psoriasis.  The common symptoms of this health condition are swollen joints, rashes and scaling of the skin.