Flu is extremely communicable and common viral sickness which comes with coughs and sneezes. This is not just the same as the common cold and is triggered by a diverse category of viruses and warning signs that have a tendency to be a lot grave and last for a longer period of time.

One can easily catch flu all the year round but this is more commonly stuck in the winter season which is why this is known as a seasonal flu illness. This further triggers an unexpected high temperature, headache and common pains, getting tired very easily and sore throat.

The warning signs of flu can make one feel so tired and sick that he or she is likely to stay in bed and rest till they feel better and well.

People who are hale and hearty, there is no need to see a doctor until and unless you show the signs of flu. One of the best remedy is to take a break from your busy life and take complete rest at home. Drink lots of water in order to keep you hydrated all the time.

When you must see a doctor?

  • When you show flu like signs
  • If you are 60 and above
  • Expecting mother
  • Individuals who are suffering with prolonged health condition such as heart disorder, lung disarray such as pulmonary sickness, diabetes and kidney issues.
  • Deprived immune system

This is said because the flu could be very grave for you and your medical practitioner might prescribe you certain medications to make you well soon.

Antiviral medicines can help in reducing the symptoms of flu and with that even cut down the duration on the other hand the treatment requires beginning very soon after flu signs turn out to be very worse in you.

How long does the flu last?

People with the flu can in general begin to feel sick during a few days of being infected.

The warning signs prop up after three days and with feeling exhausted it is important that you must feel better and vigorous.

It is said that individuals are more or less infectious wherein they could pass on this flu to others as well. Children and people with poor immune system such as cancer patients might perhaps get sick for a longer time. Older people and anyone with longer health conditions are expected to have a bad case of flu.

The easiest remedy in avoiding flu at the first instance is being hygienic. Listed below are four main keys to lead a flue free life:

  • Make sure to wash hands with an antiseptic hand wash.
  • Clean your day to day equipments which you use such as keyboard, telephone and door knobs as the germs get accumulated in such minuet places.
  • Use facial tissues to cover your mouth the time when you cough or sneeze.
  • Dispose used things as soon as possible.