If you are purging for effective treatment to heal your acne than urine therapy is best to go with.

These days, most of all are concern about their skin and expect for clean, glowing and beautiful skin.  There are several people facing many skin problems such as blackheads, acnes, blemishes, scars and dark spots. All these complexities are a big obstruction for showing off one personality, attitude, complexities and beauty as well.

Thus, people go on trying various medicines and cosmetics to deal with these annoying problems and get glowing beautiful skin. Undoubtedly, clear skin is the dream of one and all. But due to increasing skin problems, it has become difficult to get the best and effective remedies to tackle scars and acne problems.

Individuals that have acne frequently attempt different methods to get purge from the cysts, scars, blisters, and acne problems.

A lot of people with a skin condition realize that different medication, face washes and cleansers fall short in providing them with the advantages that perk up their acne. One fastidious treatment that has been used by several people gazing for a better solution to their spots is urine remedy. Urine therapy is one of the popular medications that effectively cure acne.

Urine therapy is widely recognized by numerous names which include urinotherapy, urotherapy and uropathy. During this treatment, an individual makes use of his or her own fresh urine for the medication or cosmetic purposes. For curative use, a person might gulp their personal urine in an effort to cure their bodies of assorted sickness. But, when it comes to scars and acne, this therapy is used for aesthetic and beauty purposes and is rubbed down on the skin.

The acne therapy is common for the elderly people as it was used by the ancient cultures and your granny must heard it from her ancestors. Although this therapy is quite new for modern aged men and women who are wondering all over for a natural treatment to cure their acne.

How to carry out Urine Therapy?

  • For conducting this urine therapy, initially you need to collect your very first urine.  The very first urine is the first urine of the day which usually happens early in the sunup.
  • After collecting your urine in the container, apply it with the help of a cotton ball directly to the affected region.
  • If you feel life using this therapy as a skin toner then allow it to sit on the surface of your skin for some time. Later, rinse it off!

Guidelines & Word of warning:-

At times, some people practicing Urine Therapy states feeling of tingling or stinging on their skin. While some of them felt refreshed as they went through this therapy and in some cases practitioners observed reduction in the irritation of the skin. Though the majority people won’t try Urine Therapy unless they feel extremely distressed, it is still a likely option when the spots or scars won’t go away. Urine Therapy is completely free and natural remedy to tackle frustrating acne.