Cold feet is a sigh of the disease that you might be becoming prone to or if you suffering through diabetes it makes your feet sensitive to cold.

If you seeking to know that, cold feet are the problem then yes it can be a problem. Cold feet disease you can recognize quit well in time, as the temperature in the cold decreases body starts circulating the blood as fast as you it cat to draw heat and to maintain the body temperature. This is the process that, your body always continues, when temperature decreases.  And if you having cold feet then this process is not conducted properly, and that may cause you frostbite or amputation this happens because the tissues in your feet doesn’t get warmed again and again. We also can say that cold feet are the sign of the medical problem. For example: heart related problems, diabetes , etc. people who are having the idea that their cold feet problem is actually related to some other  medical problem, do consult your doctor as soon as you can.

The prominent cause of the cold feet is the decreasing temperature in the environment. Alternatively, cause of any particular cause if you keep temperature of your home or room you may suffer through the cold feet. Many a times some medical problems also make you suffer through the cold feet.

Many a times women do suffer from the cold feet when they experience the blood circulation disarray, which makes their feet and toes stiff and they get cold feet, this disorder is known as the Reynaud’s occurrence. This disorder makes their feet cold sensitive. This disorder is present in some women by default but many a times if you passing through some disease like heart disease or diabetes will make you suffer through the cold feet problem. If you have a severe cold feet problem, your toes must be becoming blue, green, and very much stiff. This can stay for some minutes or sometimes lasts till hours also.  If you want to keep your feet at normal temperature, then keep moving them or rubbing them by your hand, and maintain the circulation. On the other hand, keep your feet away from the cold area.

Cold feet are experienced by those people also which are having the habit of cigarette. Cigarette affects the blood circulation by affecting on your blood vessels. They decrease the diameter of the blood vessels which causes the poor blood circulation and your vessels become stiff easily by the cold. This is inter-related to the Reynaud’s occurrence. Therefore, those who are passing through the cold feet and having the smoking habit should quite the habit as soon as possible to improve the blood circulation and to get rid of the cold feet problem.

Treat according to the problem of causing you cold feet. To prevent or to cure you keep eating the healthy diet. Exercising is the best medicine for the cold feet. Last but not the least keep visiting your doctor at regular intervals.