When your mouth is away from the problems you health too stays away from diseases. Here are the simple ways to heed of your gums and teeth.

The healthy gums and teeth is the sign of proper and balanced health.  There are several problems that can affect your strong teeth and gums causing complexities in enjoying the food.  The major cause that creates problem in the mouth is the decaying of teeth. Here are some simple approaches that can help you in maintaining the good health.

How does the tooth decays?

Teeth are wrapped with the tough outer coating called as “Enamel”.  Every day when you consume any kind of food the thin layer of bacterial is formed on the edges of the teeth and then the tooth starts to decay. This bacterium is the dental plague that starts affecting the enamel causing a hole in them.  This hole is nothing but cavity. Flossing and brushing the teeth regularly at the proper time can protect the decaying of the teeth but once cavity ensues you need to seek the help from dentist or dental hygienist. The mouth wash that contains fluoride will help in protecting the decay of the teeth.

What happens next?

When the dental plague spreads under and along the gum line, gum disease begins.  The bones and the gums holding the teeth get infected with this plague causing them to damage.  When this gets worsen the gums become tender and sometimes even start to bleed causing gingivitis. Still severe gum disease is known as periodontitis that can ruin the gums, bones and other tissues that holds up your teeth. If not taken proper care you may even have to remove your teeth.

How to get prevented your gums from disease?

  • Daily brush your teeth twice with the toothpaste that contains fluoride.
  • Floss the teeth one in a day.
  • For the regular cleaning and checkup visit your dentist.
  • Consumed a well balanced diet for healthy teeth.
  • Avoid smoking completely as puffing increases the risk of gum diseases.

How to clean and care your gums and teeth?

For the proper cleaning of the teeth and gums there is the perfect way to floss and brush the teeth. They are as follows:

  • With the fluoride toothpaste and soft bristle brush your teeth gently from all the sides of the mouth.
  • While brushing use the small back and forth motion with small circular stores as this massages your gum as well.
  • Do not brush your teeth harshly but see that you brush it completely and carefully.
  • Even brush your tongue for the complete clean up of your mouth.