An enjoyable scuba diving can cause a tremendous ear pain so be cautious while going for scuba diving

Are you among those who love scuba diving?  But be careful about the problem that causes due to the scuba diving. Read carefully this article may guide you properly about dos and don’ts while going for scuba diving and will help you prevent from severe problems.

Ear pain is the most general problem that occurs in the scuba divers. The pain in the ear doesn’t lead to the serious problem, if any one fails to take the correct precautions they may lead to the permanent loss of hearing. Scuba diving might lead to barotraumas, airplane ear, diver’s ear, or barotitis media if person fails to regulate their ear pressure accurately. All this problems rises due to the pressure of air inside your ear and the air pressure outside your ear cuts the balancing level. To prevent your eardrum to vibrate accurately while speaking can occur pain in your ear and sometime the pain become unbearable and require taking an advice from the doctor.

The further article will give a deep knowledge to prevent it etc

What are the Identification causing pains due to scuba diving?

The middle ear is totally filled with air space through bone and tympanic membrane and the eardrum. All this elements are then directly connecting to the throat via Eustachian tube. Eustachian tube is the main tube and acts as a passage linking the middle ear. As the air passes through Eustachian tube, the tube holds the pressure of the middle ear equivalent to the outside air. However if the Eustachian fails to work properly the different pressure appears crossways the eardrum then it may lead to the barotraumas occurs injury due to the pressure and allows it to give pain in the ear.

What are the Different types of ear pain related to scuba diving?

The most common type of pain cause due to the scuba diving is

Eardrum pain or meningitis- this pain can cause due to the continuous beating of water on the side of head.

Outer ear infection or external otitis media-  this pain cause due to hard blowing of the nose to balance the pressure, if the air pressure from the ear canal does not relieve then it may lead to the breakage of your eardrum.

Per lymph, fistula- leads to the major injury happen due to forcing the pressure out from the blocked ear can cause permanent hear loss.


One must learn to equalize the pressure in ear and must follow the proper techniques with professional scuba divers before enjoying diving.