Jogging and Its Benefits on your Overall Health

JoggingJogging is a type of aerobic exercise that many people perform. It is relatively less intense than running and is usually done by beginners as a way to stay fit and improve their overall health. Healthcare experts recommend jogging rather than running because an obese person has a lot of trouble to run as it requires a certain level of fitness to sprint rather than to jog.

But many people sideline jogging as they think that it is waste of time, will not have significant effects and will not improve their health. Jogging on the other hand can be as effective as running and other aerobic workouts that people carry out at the gym. Here are some benefits of jogging.

Keeps Diabetes and Cardiovascular Issues at Bay

Spending hours doing aerobic exercises is not the only way a person can keep the heart healthy. Jogging also has good effects on the heart. Many people forget that jogging has less intense than aerobic workouts done in the gym. It takes time for the effects of jogging to be seen. Overweight people can benefit from jogging as it will help in lowering the cholesterol levels and promotes the growth of HDL (high density lipoprotein). It also helps in reducing fat albeit at a slower rate. Keep in mind that patience is all what is needed if you are jogging to keep your heart healthy.

Also remember that jogging can be cost effective and time saving, as people do not have spend subscription money on gym memberships and are too preoccupied to spend hours in the gym. Remember that with regular jogging one can reap all the benefits a person derives by doing intense exercises. Experts say that a person can burn about 150 calories if they jog for a mile.

The primary cause for diabetes is unhealthy eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. Jogging keeps diabetes at bay as regular activity promotes an active lifestyle which helps in stabilizing the blood glucose levels.

Boosts the Immunity

Some people are so busy in their schedules that they merely have time for the gym or any form of exercise. This not only can weaken the body and cause heart troubles but can also reduce the immunity of the body. In simple words, immunity is the body’s resistance to illnesses. The higher the immune power, the lower is the chance of contracting any diseases. Medical experts say that jogging regularly helps boost this resistance power and makes the person more immune to certain infections that can make you ill.

Improve Sleeping Patterns

Lack of sleep or insomnia is disorder that affects many men. It is usually caused when a person is under severe duress or stress for a situation at hand. It causes fatigue which in turn can develop into many diseases lowering the overall health of a person. Research shows that just by jogging daily a person can get relief from insomnia. This is because it relaxes the mind which helps in keeping the stress levels down.

Enhances Mental Health

Jogging not only plays an important role in maintaining the physical health but also helps in improving the mental health of a person. Due to jogging, the toxins from the body are eliminated in the form of perspiration. This helps in boosting the self confidence and self esteem. According to health experts, people who jog regularly are mentally active due to release of certain endomorphins that help stay happy. Also, joggers look charming and smart due to detoxification of the system.

Therefore jogging plays an important an important role in maintaining overall health of an individual in an effective manner. Hence once should jog regularly for optimal functioning of bodily tissues.

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