Are You Also Gaining Tummy Fats

Gaining fat on your tummy or around the waist can have many reasons. It is not good for your body and can lead to many complications

are-you-also-gaining-tummy-fatsThe fat around the bottom, thighs may not be as risky for the body as much as the amount on your stomach and waist. It is makes heart diseases, high blood pressure, stroke and particular cancers more common in people. Even rigorous exercise, normal dieting may not help. You may also become prone to diabetes due to this.

Causes of tummy fat

It is important to understand the underlying biochemistry of your body to device proper lifestyle and diet plan to get rid of the excess fat on the stomach. The stress hormone i.e. cortisol is the chief culprit for this issue. Our system functions in a way to react to any warning or threat to the body by storing extra energy. In these situation, adrenaline and cortisol is more in content

In emergencies when you need to go defensive or offensive, the energy store becomes active and provides you the necessary vigor to take on the life threatening moments. It also makes you to become swift and agile. But these days, stress can happen due to many agents. It is not just the physical harm that worries us. The tension of overwork and the emotional upheaval actually are the major factors for the gain of fats.

But the problem is that the body is unable to recognize that the stress is because of physical threat or the increasing emotional and mental one. This however triggers the normal functioning of the body and accumulation of fats and glucose on the waist and the stomach. Your system expects that you will use this energy when there is a time of a physical crisis, which unfortunately is not the outcome.

Action of cortisol and its effects

Cortisol level in your blood will be high for the time and this is also responsible in making you hungrier. It makes you feel like consuming the comfort food that contains sugar and carbohydrates. So if you face constant stress, the risks of this activity will be higher. But the excess is always stocked in the stomach and the waist region.

If you do not put any efforts to utilize this energy and also give into the food cravings, it will result into weight gain. This will then start forming on your body parts and once it begins stocking around the stomach and the waist, it can be harmful for the health. The appetite after the stress is always dangerous for being negative for the body.

The fat is there more around the middle as it is nearer to your liver. This are is apt as the fat is easily converted into energy when there is a need. It helps in providing the system the protection for a physical impact and fight back. This action is generally to ensure that you have enough power to deal with situations but does not read the stress correctly.

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