Get to Know More about Rare Genetic skin Disorder

Be concern of genetic disorders that are very rare in humans and know how to tackle with these disorders.

The most important and the largest organ of our body is skin. Skin is known as the multifaceted organ that is made up of various tissues that uphold the reliability of the skin and form a wall within the environment and also body. Skin protects the internal organ if our body such as it prevents from water loss as well as controls temperature of our body. Skin comprises of three main layers

  • Epidermis- it is the outer layer of the skin, is set of 3 main cells that produces pigment melanin and give the proper function to the immune system.
  • Dermis- is the middle layer of the skin that give elasticity of the skin and strengthen them
  • Subcutaneous- is the inner layer of the skin that mainly includes fats.

Any kind of interruption on the tissue within the skin may lead to increase in serious or the lethal disease.

What causes rare genetic skin disorder?

Genetic skin disorder occurs due to the change in genes or mutation. Large quantity of genes mainly consists in the human body. Ehlers danlos is a type of genetic skin disorder that occurs due to the transmission of the mutated genes from parents to child is usually known as inherited genetic disorder. Neurofibromatosis is another form of rare genetic skin disorder occurs when a gene by chance mutates due to the environmental factor.

What are the types of the rare genetic skin disorder?

Collagen Disorders

The richness of proteins in human body is given by collagen that helps to strengthen your skin as well as improve the elasticity of the skin. Lack of collagen production may lead to the imperfect collagen proteins, this situation happen when the genes get affected by the genetic disorder. Stretchy, fragile skin is caused due to the interruption of the collagen production. The most common symptoms of the Ehlers-danlos syndrome are bruises or the tearing of the skin, feels a touch of velvet when you touch the skin

Tumor Disorders

Tumor on the skin can cause due to inherited genetic transmutation or spontaneous genetic transmutation. Tuberous sclerosis generally affects the gene that represses the growth of the tumor in skin. The patients suffer from tuberous sclerosis that builds up a tumor with no cancer on skin, kidney, and eyes. A genetic neurological disorder helps tumor to give birth along with the body nerves lying on the skin or beneath the skin.

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