Complications of the cracked skin condition

Cracking of the skin can happen at any part of the body and occur due to several reasons and conditions. You can prevent such a happening

complications-of-the-cracked-skin-conditionSkin diseases and infections are varied in types. There are hoards of conditions that affect the body surface and lead to more issues. Cracking of the skin is one of such a problem. You can get rid of this by caring for the health properly. Most of the time, this may come to effect because of the drying of the skin or the tissues underneath.


Redness or the pinkness of the skin may disappear and this can happen because of less moisture in the body or defect in the blood circulation. It may lead to itchiness and soreness of the skin. Reddish marks or rashes can develop due to scratching that can expand and actually spread all over you.

This condition may not be that serious and can have certain easy solutions. At other times, these dilemmas can take a form of a dangerous infection and also affect the health adversely. Some of the much more critical one of the cracking skin condition may occur at the foot or the heel.

Negative impact and causes

This can be due to pressure on the sole or the specific part of the body. Yellow and white marks can accompany with rough or peeling skin. This can further aggravate the problem and lead to more scratching that actually welcomes more cracks on the surface. You can consult a skin specialist and know the exact reason for this.

Cracking of the skin may also happen in regions that are not too exposed to sunlight or vice versa. So if you are a sports person or the one who indulges in outdoor activities or like to be indoors too much may suffer from this. It can be because of aging or hormonal changes in the body. In women, menopause can be the culprit.


Cracking of the skin can be prevented. You need to moisturize the affected patch. Do not vigorously keep on scratching the region again and again. Try to cool the sore with ice or cold bag. If blood comes out from the cracked wounds, clean it with a soft cloth and sterilize the place with antiseptic agents so that germ does not infect it.

Get your blood pressure and a full body checkup done. Many a time, production of certain chemicals in the body can also lead to this condition. Dysfunction of some organs may also pressurize the skin and crack open the surface of the skin. Wash the bed linen regularly and maintain hygiene around you to prevent other skin diseases.

Eat healthy as sometimes the food products you consume can be the real cause to cracking of the skin. Allergic reaction can also usher in this issue. So you need to know if this is because of infection, allergy or a disease or disorder. This will help to initiate a proper treatment plan to deal with this situation.

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