Want to Give Up Smoking Use Generic Zyban

give up smoking

People usually take up smoking to relieve themselves of mounting stress resulting from work and life pressures. However, what seems like relief at the beginning turns into an addiction in no time and eventually becomes the scourge of the person’s life. Those who’re addicted to smoking would know that resisting the temptation to smoke is more difficult than maintaining the resolve to quit smoking. Even the most headstrong of people experience multiple relapses into the habit of smoking, but as they say, there’s always light at the end of a dark tunnel, and the light in terms of the dark tunnel of smoke addiction is generic zyban.

Till date, no one has been able to find a safe way to smoke. Cigarettes are said to contain about 600 ingredients, which when burnt, generate more than 7000 chemicals, and that’s only with one cigarette. Experts say that out of the 7000 chemicals generated, most of them are poisonous, with 69 of them having been found to be positively cancerous in nature. Smoking a cigar or a hookah is even worse, as cigar is understood to have more tar, toxins, and carcinogens than a cigarette. As for hookah, it makes a person inhale more carbon monoxide than he or she would do by smoking a cigarette or a cigar. Hookah also has many toxic compounds, and produces more secondhand smoke as well.

Ill effects of smoking

  • Central nervous system: Smoking increases risk of macular degeneration, cataracts, and poor eyesight. It can also weaken your sense of taste and sense of smell, so food may become less enjoyable. Physical withdrawal from smoking can impair your cognitive functioning and make you feel anxious, irritated, and depressed. Withdrawal can also cause headaches and sleep problems.
  • Respiratory system: When you inhale smoke, you’re taking in substances that can damage your lungs. Over time, your lungs lose their ability to filter harmful chemicals. Coughing can’t clear out the toxins sufficiently, so these toxins get trapped in the lungs. Smokers have a higher risk of respiratory infections, colds, and flu.

In a condition called emphysema, the air sacs in your lungs are destroyed. In chronic bronchitis, the lining of the tubes of the lungs becomes inflamed. Over time, smokers are at increased risk of developing these forms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Long-term smokers are also at increased risk of lung cancer.

There are countless other ill effects of smoking, which can cause many serious complications in a person.

How does zyban help a person get rid of the smoking habit?

Generic Zyban contains bupropion HCL as its main and active ingredient. This drug essentially works on the neurological level of the consumer. Its main purpose is to cut the nicotine dependence of the person. Nicotine is an element present in cigarettes, etc., which is what basically causes addiction. Most people think that they’re addicted to cigarettes, but the truth is that they’re actually addicted to nicotine that cigarettes provide; hence they suffer from cigarette addiction.

Bupropion present in zyban works on the neurotransmitters present inside the brain. Neurotransmitters are nothing but chemicals present in nerve cells that transmit messages between the cells. Bupropion works in such a manner on the neurotransmitters that a person’s urge to smoke frequently is reduced. Gradually, the person craves lesser and lesser amounts of nicotine in his/her system. Eventually, the urge of smoking comes under the control of the person and he/she is able to brave the urge successfully.

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