Dont avoid Dairy products for Weight Loss

In recent times, there are many seen to avoid dairy products, because they are worried about the fat content or have lactose intolerance, and rightfully so. Dairy products do contain fat, and as with meats it’s the saturated type because it’s animal in origin. However, milk products also contain calcium, the bony-white mineral that our bones need to stay hard. As we get older we face the risk of osteoporosis that is brittle bone disease which can only be avoided if you have your calcium every day. You can get it from other sources also like green vegetables that includes spinach, collards, or kale or else from various beans or from edible bony fish such as salmon or sardines. You can also get calcium-enriched soy milk, which also has essential vitamins like B12 and D. However, calcium may be harder to get from these foods because they carry less calcium and the body may not absorb them as well. So have some dairy products every day, and know that you don’t need a lot, only two servings or three if you’re under twenty-four, or are pregnant or nursing. But, just to remind you, never attempt a weight loss program when you’re expecting or you’ve just given birth. If you’re worried about fat, have low-fat or fat-free (skim) milk, yogurt, or white low-fat cheese.

Some of us are on the other side of the fence with dairy products. We love them too much! Milk, cheese, and ice cream are all “trigger” foods for me, and for a lot of people we know and work with. But believe that it a nightly ice cream habit can really caused you to be obese. Dairy products need to be eaten sparingly for those of us who are crazy for them, because large amounts on a regular basis add a lot of fat to your body. Two servings a day are enough. Certainly, if you’re a cheese or ice cream junkie, it would pay for you to ask God to help you avoid them entirely. Therefore it is said that, limit your dairy products when you want to slow down your weight. This is because the intake of these products in inappropriate timings and quantity can land a person into becoming obese. Therefore do not avoid dairy products from your daily diet but do limit its intake for a great figure and shape.

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  • Dont avoid Dairy products for Weight Loss
    Dont avoid Dairy products for Weight Loss

    Avoiding dairy products from your dietary food supplements because of your excess weight then it is of no use because dairy products are a necessity for a balanced body.