Overweight and Low Self-Esteem Can Cause ED

low self esteemDealing with erectile dysfunction is as much a mental challenge as it is physical. More often than not, ED is caused physically, but overcome mentally by a person, which tells that mental strength is the key to winning the battle against this condition. This statement looks even truer, when looked at from the perspective of a person who has contracted ED by way of obesity. In case of such a person, the vicious cycle of obesity causing ED and ED causing low self-esteem and so on, has the person down in the dumps, which is why fighting off obesity and the resultant low self-esteem becomes very important.

Obesity causing ED

Obesity is understood as one of the prime factors of ED, especially in today’s times. This is because of the lifestyle we inadvertently end up leading, even if we didn’t ever want to. Most of us work at computer terminals for at least eight hours a day, which is work alright, but a very potent spell of inactivity as well. Additionally, we have a host of conveniences at our disposal, which save us great resources like time and energy, but can’t save us from piling on excess calories. One such citable example would be using a lift, which saves us the pain of taking staobesity and EDirs, but only at the cost of high electricity tariffs and a wee bit of body weight poundage.

Unfortunately, the effects of obesity don’t just last until a person’s blown out of shape. It’s almost as if they just start taking shape at that point of time. Obesity most likely brings along a host of unwanted health complications in a person. Some of these include: diabetes, heart diseases, cholesterol disorder, blood pressure, etc. What’s even more startling is that all these byproducts of obesity are perfectly capable of inducing ED in a person. In other words, being obese is sure shot method of contracting erectile dysfunction.

Low self-esteem causing ED

With obesity growing out of bounds, it becomes difficult for a person to get a grip on his physique. It’s always an uphill battle from thereon. However, at this point, all the social stigma and embarrassments begin to kick in, which sort of sway the person’s mind into self-suspicion. The person repeatedly starts questioning and doubting himself, but when no answers are availed, he slumps into a state of progressive anxiety, or a period of depression. Dealing with obesity and its associated conditions, the person’s confidence and poise hits an all time low and deteriorates in form of manic depression, which is indicative of an ‘I’m no good’ attitude toward life.

This is where the person loses pride in his own self. He feels that as he’s good at and for nothing, he wouldn’t take up any new agendas in life. Besides, the person would increasingly lapse into a depressive state of mind. With trust shaken and heartbroken, the person experiences really low-self esteem and performance anxiety issues. Consequently, such a person cannot gain strong erections, as his mind has never fully recovered from an onslaught of self-doubt and depression. Eventually, the condition of ED is caused in him.

Exercising, the answer

As they say, where there’s a will, there’s a way, a person dealing with obesity and ED can get his life right back on track, just by dedicating himself sincerely to exercising and shedding off those excess pounds. Getting fitter will not only improve health conditions, boost metabolism, and help the person overcome ED, but also feel great about himself, which is the key to confidence.

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