Malegra FXT is a Close Enemy of PE and ED

Malegra FXT is one sort of medication which is the latest innovation in the marketplace for double treatment of male’s health issues such as erection issues and premature  ejaculation. This medication snacks these two issues with the help of two substance components.

Erection problems  and premature  ejaculation is the issues faced by men at period of time in most of the situations but also in many other situations  some men simply suffer from any one of the side-effect as there are several drugs to cure erection issues alone as well as premature  ejaculation alone but there are very less medication  acquired in the marketplace to cure the side-effect both at once as there are many men suffering from both the issues at one some time to need a remedy to these issues with the help of one medication  and need to get rid of the issues as soon as possible which is possible only with the help of this medication known as Malegra FXT.  This medication is especially made with the latest technology to treat both the common complications in men such as ED and PE. These complications are treated well and the results are excellent after the use of this medication. it is highly recommended to use this medicine after taking proper medical consultation from the physician.

Malegra FXT uses the two substance components known as Sildenafil citrate as well as Fluoxetine. These two substance components are used for different purposes as the substance component Sildenafil citrate is used as a remedy to the side-effect of men impotence or erection issues which is the issue in the men reproductive organ that causes lose hardons that are not enough for better sex-related activation during lovemaking. Since a man requires hard hardons for lovemaking and when a man is affected by erection issues he is affected by loose hardons which leaves them disappointed in bed and thus they are not able to get hardons for better activation and pleasure in lovemaking this Sildenafil citrate is used as a PDE5 chemical that resolves the issue and allows them to make love with complete excitement. Sildenafil citrate is used in an amount durability of 100mg in this pile of Malegra FXT.

The other substance used in this medication is Fluoxetine that is used to cure the issue of premature  ejaculation also known as premature  ejaculation. This side-effect is the issue when the man is incapable to respond to the mind to release the ejaculation procedure, since the proper alerts are not passed to the mind the ejaculation procedure occurs and thus the man cannot old returning this ejaculation procedure and thus this further leads to premature  ejaculation in men which makes them incapable to reach ejaculation when they are intimately triggered. In order to get the results from lovemaking this procedure of ejaculation  has to be held returning therefore the substance element Fluoxetine  is used in a amount durability of 60 mg  to cure this side-effect and thus the lovemaking is completed with full excitement that takes 5-6 hours.

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