How to Increase Your Sexual Stamina To Perform Well In Bed

increase sexual staminaTo perform well during sexual activity, men require great stamina to sustain the session for a sufficient amount of time; then only one can get the desired gratification which is actually a basic necessity when it comes to live a happy and healthy sexual life. Unfortunately, men fail to carry out satisfactory sexual intercourse session due to erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation (PE).

Satisfactory sexual performance is an essential part for men and majority of them will try to do whatever they can to satisfy their female partner’s sexual needs. Particularly, PE, wherein men ejaculate soon after getting an erection; thereby, failing to spend long time in bed.

Worldwide, there are innumerable men who are suffering from both ED and PE, and many of them hesitate to talk about their problem with doctor, and more worryingly they do not take any kind of treatment for the same. However, the good news is men can easily overcome these sexual troubles. Men do not need to rely on medical treatments to improve their sexual stamina. They can really sustain their lovemaking session by implementing few basic tips.

How to improve sexual stamina efficiently

  • Foreplay is the key

Why men want to spend long time in bed? Simple! They want to satisfy their partner by having great time in bed and to achieve a satisfactory orgasm. Sustaining sexual intercourse for longer duration also helps in connecting two souls, physically and emotionally. The fact is most women fail to reach orgasm through copulation alone, they need more than that. This is where foreplay comes to the rescue; manual and oral sexual stimulation are essential to spend longer time in bed and to achieve satiated orgasm. Mutual understanding is very important during foreplay; focus on what your partner is craving for. After a good stimulation, slow down things and go for an intercourse session to delay your pleasures.

  • Masturbation

There is no harm in self stimulation; rather it is good for you as it is a natural, healthy and powerful way to improve your sexual response. Practicing sexual stimulation will help you prevent premature ejaculation. Make sure you take your time while doing so; do so by using start-stop method to improve sexual stamina. Learn the art of controlling yourself as much as possible; this will really help you sustain longer while executing sexual intercourse session. When you feel you are about to ejaculate, slow down things, wait and then again start.

  • Use sexual-enhancer tools

Though there are oral medications to improve the sexual stamina, like Dapoxetine, but it is important to enhance your stamina with effective tools by using topical applications. This will help avert dependency on oral tablets, and side effects. Recently, the FDA has approved a topical application known as Promescent, which is applied on the penile organ 10 minutes before planning the sexual session. This local application penetrates the skin and reaches the sensitized nerves to control ejaculation process. Moreover, there are no potential side effects of this medicine and also it won’t create any problem to your partner’s sensations.

  • Use proper lubrication

We all know sexual intercourse without lubricator can be a painful and devastating experience. Therefore, it is recommended to use a quality lubricator in combination with condoms to sustain for longer duration in bed. Also, a recent study suggested that men using lubricator with condoms lasted longer during lovemaking session than who did not. Make sure you use a silicon-based or water-based lubrication with superior quality condoms.

  • Reconsider your potential

You are not a superhuman, so try to limit your expectations of executing sexual intercourse for hours together. On an average, a normal man can perform intercourse for 3 to 13 minutes, excluding foreplay. Therefore, lasting for an hour is not the right answer to achieve great satisfaction. If you are willing to add more love, passion and excitement to your sexual life, try to focus on things that can add variety by indulging in foreplay, manual or oral stimulation and followed by copulation. Remember, the key is to have great time together with pleasurable and memorable session, rather than focusing on unrealistic longer duration.

These basic steps will really help you improve your sexual stamina. But if you are suffering from any sexual dysfunction due to medical reasons, it is advisable to consult your physician for appropriate treatment.

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