Hormone injection for stunting growth – Could they lower testosterone level?

With benefits innumerable, human growth hormone (HGH) is gaining popularity as one of the miracle drugs of this century. However along with the numerous benefits of using human growth hormone injections, there are many potential side effects.

In other words, human growth hormone injection has long been the subject of controversy as a foreign substance is injected in the body. While human growth hormones occur in the body naturally, the production rate slows down as one ages. Thus, it is injected in the body to increase the levels of human growth hormone in the body. Similarly, some tall young boys take high-dose testosterone injections to stunt growth.

In fact, hormone injections have become popular among some tall teen boys in Europe who don’t mind to receive high-dose testosterone injections for controlling their growth. However, according to a study, the treatment which involves testosterone injections might have some unforeseen effects when these boys become men. As per their reports, the injection may affect their testosterone levels later in life. But, studies also indicate that the dose may not affect fatherhood or fertility in these men.

In 2004, the rage among girls to use estrogen came under scrutiny as it caused fertility problems, and researchers worried that this might be the case for men as well.

In a study funded in part by a pharmaceutical company, which makes testosterone products, the doctors tested 60 men who had taken high-dose testosterone injections 20 years before. The injection given to them were capable of stunting growth.

The result of the test was interesting. On average, men with a height of 6 feet 5 inches were as fertile as other normal men in their 30s. Among them, more than seven in ten men who had tried to have kids had succeeded within a year.

However although the testosterone level was within the range considered normal, the testosterone levels in the men were markedly lower. Also, these men didn’t show any clinical signs. But many previous studies had shown that testosterone levels change naturally with age, suggesting that the men could experience some problems down the road. Hence as per the researchers, the next interesting step would be to find out whether the testosterone level goes down. The researchers also added that stunting treatment is becoming less common in Europe. According to their estimates, in the Netherlands, only 10 to 100 boys per year go for treatment, which cost about $800 in total. Compared to this treatment, growth hormone therapy, which boosts height in short boys, also used in the US, is more popular.

According to the researchers, prices for the treatment is as high as $22,000 a year, and with 500,000 American children meeting official criteria for the treatment. More importantly, the drug has a potential market in excess of $10 billion.

Although the outcome of the research was of significant value, it is not approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for stunting growth. Some believe that the treatment is flawed because people get problems later.


Although the study is promising, it is unclear how high-dose testosterone injections in teenage boys can impact levels of the hormone 20 years later.

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