Useful ways to maintain your feet healthy

Taking a very good care of your foots will lesser down the problems and diseases here are some useful ways to decrease the damages cause due to various reasons

The major damaging of the foot usually occurs in summer season. Summer is the season with plans that are more outgoing, outdoor fun, warm beach, long vacation at the beach and sunny days. Feet are the major part of our body that always meets and get damaged more often. Due to the exposure of your feet in summer season are higher at the risk of getting cuts, infections, abrasions and blisters than in winter. Because in winter season your feet are more drape in shoes and doesn’t cause any harm top your feet. No more worries here is the best possible way to keep your feet healthier even in summer.

Keep the Dry, Cracked Heels at Bay

Dry, hard and cracked skin is obvious in summer as you are full exposed your feet with funky flip flops and opened back sandal or any footwear that doesn’t cover your back heel mainly cause this problem. The open heel makes to stretch the fat pad of heels and allows them to cracked and dry.

Deep cracked in the heels emerge with dried blood, you can apply antibiotic oil and cover your heel with band aid will aid to lesser down the problem. but its only about dryness and cracks heels then there are no such serious worries you can use several treatments like you rub the cracked area of heel with moisturizer that contains almond oil. Take foot pile or pumice stone and rub on the hard and dry skin and rub in one direction under the shower to get away from dry and hard skin. After cleaning, your feet with clean cloth apply rich moisturizer creams that will sooth and soft your feet skin.

Be aware of germs

If you are walking around with bare foots then you are more likely to meet with several germs. Walking without flip-flops or sandal is like taking all the germs in your bags that include human feces, bird dropping, vomit and unappetizing things. It has been showed a sole pair of flip flops or sandals takes away 18000 bacteria.

Taking safety precautions will get away from such bacteria’s. Avoid walking barefoot at least invest a pair of flip flops. Wash your hands thoroughly after removing your shoes

Sweaty feet alleviation

Sweat is the major problem that occurs in summer season. The moisture in your feet creates perspiration and sweat and higher the risk of infection. Therefore wearing socks will soak your sweat and keep away infection. You are going out with time and fail to have shower then you must at least wash your legs with mild soap. You can even try this natural trick with the use of black tea. All you have to do is prepare a black tea, let it cool for a minute, and soak your feet for at least 30 minutes.

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