Unhealthy Habits that every Child should avoid

There are some habits that can be unhealthy for kids. If identified and stopped at the earliest, you can prevent your kids from continuing these activities

unhealthy-habits-that-every-child-should-avoidYour children may be habituated to some activities that are not good for their body and health. You should identify them at soonest so that you can tackle them wisely.

Biting Nails

Many kids resort to biting nails. This can be because of growing habit to stress. Many children may do this is because they do not maintain hygiene. Others can do so because they cannot express their emotions well. Domestic violence can also put a heavy influence on kids who bite nails.

Digging Nose

Children sometimes also many a times dig their nose. This can be deemed normal till an extent. But some kids may just not stop this behavior. It can be really disgust people. In fact it is not even hygienic. It may cause disease because of the spread of germs. You may try explaining the ill effects of this behavior to your children so that they do not continue this.

Playing with Food

Another behavior tat can upset others and also be harmful for children are playing with food. This can be just a playful act. But it needs to be in control. Fun gets overrated when children may just make it a habit to play with food time and time again thus inviting more exposure to germs.

Avoiding Essential Bathroom Habits

Visiting bathroom everyday for bowel movements is good habit. Even brushing teeth everyday and keeping mouth and body clean is necessary for children. Some children may avoid all these activities. It may encourage spreading of germs which can be harmful for kid’s body.


Overeating can be another aspect that children may just develop when they do not understand how armful this can be for their body. It is sometimes the parents who have to teach the kids how necessary it is to have a control over diet and choose the right eatables.

Getting Over Addicted to Technology

Children nowadays are too much addicted to technology. Somewhere technology has helped us develop and achieve many laurels. But exploiting it can make you feel stressed or even bring forth some new age diseases. Children are an easy prey to all these conditions. So as a parent you should monitor your children regarding this aspect.

Being Awake Late at Night

Sometimes children become habitual to be awake at night for late hours. Even if they are sleepy they may just find reasons to be awake. This can literally strip your child of sleep and also lead to some serious disorders. It can be harmful for eyes and also the nervous system.

Avoiding Social Contact

Some children may withdraw themselves from people and spend more time being wit themselves or just be busy with something else. There is nothing wrong to have your personal time. But it should not push kids away completely. Otherwise the child may develop difficulty in learning social skills. It can also usher in some phobias.

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