Supplements to combat miscarriage

There are some nutritional supplements that will help a woman who underwent miscarriage to prevent future occurrence of the same

supplements-to-combat-miscarriageMiscarriage is a situation when the woman loses her baby before the 12th or the 24th week of the conception. There may be many reasons to it. Chromosomal abnormality and physical and mental health disturbance and certain medications can make this happen. If you have a bad lifestyle with unhealthy practices, it can also lead to this condition.

In all the way, miscarriage is very painful for the woman. Sometimes the expectant mother may not be able to cope up with the truth. Suicide is one of the major fallback of this. There are more chances for the person who has already gone through this unfortunate incidence to face this again.

But then there are some nutritional supplements available to counter this from occurring once again. But before that you should know that maintaining a good health is important for both the partners. Obesity is one of the reasons that can increase the risk of miscarriage.

Nutritional supplements to prevent miscarriage

Folic Acid

Folic acid aids in preventing spina bifida. Research indicates that the vitamin B12 and folic acid helps in homocysteine, which is an amino acid. It is present in your blood. If it exceeds its normal quantity, it can damage and even break the blood vessel lining. Women who suffer from recurrent miscarriages are known to posses more of homocysteine in the blood. It is therefore essential to include these two supplements in your regular diet.

Mineral and multivitamin

Many minerals and vitamins help in keeping the body fit. It provides you a base of strong immune system and also aids in developing defense against miscarriage. More amounts of all these supplements will make your have a better stance in dealing with this condition.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E helps in thinning the blood and also makes the blood clots to dissolve. The body contains certain antibodies that are responsible in clotting blood. Vitamin E enhances this process. The possibility of the miscarriage to becomes less.


Deficiency of zinc in the body can lead to changes in the chromosome in expectant mother and the partner. This can encourage the incidence of miscarriage. In sperm, this mineral exists in high volume. It needs to be there in adequate level as it makes the tail’s outer layer. For healthy sperm, this is very important. It also functions for the normal division of the cell. So to prevent miscarriage, zinc needs to be there in the body of the man in the optimum amount.


Selenium is one of the antioxidant that prevents the damage of DNA or the breakage of the chromosomes. The above two incidences can make miscarriage to happen and the birth defects to occur. Selenium also is important for healthy sperm.

Essential fatty acids

Abnormal clotting of the blood can be prevented with essential fatty acids. This produces prostaglandins that counter the formation of clots. It takes four month for the eggs to mature. In this time, you can take care of your health and take these supplements to keep miscarriage at bay.

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