Some herbs and spices for wellness of body

Herbs and spices are flavorful and also good for the maintenance of many body organs. It can also purify your system and keep the germs at bay

some-herbs-and-spices-for-wellness-of-bodySpices and herbs are one of the ingredients that help in seasoning many preparations. But it may also have many benefits for you. If you have any deficiency of nutrients, then you may want to consider the five such kinds of elements given below.


Coriander is generally from the Apiaceae family. It is a seed and the leaves of this are called the cilantro. This plant is completely edible and the leaves or the dried seeds are both utilized in cooking. It is used in many countries to season the eatables and sauces. It can also add flavor to salads and stews. It helps in improving the digestive system and also as one of the carminative. Some people may however be allergic to it.


Cumin is from the parsley family and it is dried seed. It is also a very popular spice. It has a pungent taste and also excellent aroma. The powder of this seed is additive to food items. It can treat the issues of stomach upset and indigestion. It can even prevent flatulence and is also a diuretic. It is also a stimulant and antimicrobial. It also has a carminative effect. It increases appetite and also lactation in the mothers who are nursing their new born.


Dill weed as the name says is not actually a weed. It is a fresh herb and the seeds of it are used as spice. It can add flavor to food. It has a sweet and mild taste and similar to that of parsley and anise. It can however lose its taste if you fry it. You can therefore put it in after the dish is cooked. It makes vegetable dips, potato salads and its dressings, poultry and fish more delicious. It helps to calm the irritation in the stomach and has an antibacterial property.

Fennel Seeds

Fennel has a strong flavor and aroma. It is an herb and also available all around the world easily. You can put this in soups, sausages, salads, pasta and also dishes made from tomato. It can cure many digestive problems and also can prevent the congestion because of the allergies and cold. In tea, these seeds make the brew more scrumptious. It can even be helpful for the children with colic. But avoid giving the oil of fennel seed to the kids. It may instigate throat spasms.


Garlic is a close relative to shallot, chive and leek. It is from the onion family. Its cloves are utilized as seed that you can consume cooked or even raw. It has medicinal qualities. The stems, flowers and leaves are edible and are best immature and tender. The root paper may not be edible. It can actually bring in a lovely flavor to the preparations. It may prevent the heart diseases and also cancer. It can maintain and rectify the blood pressure problems and people who suffer from high cholesterol may find this calming. It can even treat atherosclerosis and regulate the discrepancy of the sugar levels in the blood.

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