Quit Smoke and Make Your Skin Healthy

You must have only come across with the health hazards of smoking but did you know the health effects of quitting this habit

Smoking is the one such cause of getting premature and preventable death in humans mainly found in United States as said by cancer institute. Smoking destroys human life. Everybody knows the causes of smoking like cancer, lung disease; heart disease etc. smoking is the main source to damage your skin by plummeting its elasticity, increases the risk of various types of skin cancer, and rapid increase in wrinkling process. Let us know the good effects of quitting smoke one by one

Slow the Wrinkling Process

Smoking is the main cause that affects your skin and damages it very badly. When a person smokes, he or she decreases a great amount of oxygen from your blood. Skin is the main part of your healthy organ that mainly depends on the proper supply of water, nutrients and water from your blood. Generally, when your skin does not get this supply, it starts wrinkling and ages prematurely if skin fails to receive this supply.

It has been researched that, the current smoker has is scoring higher rather than nonsmokers in the case of skin wrinkling process. The researchers have found three major keys of skin wrinkling they are average roughness, distance between highest and lowest roughness values and arithmetic average roughness. Hence, proved that current smoker’s ranks first than the nonsmoker. Therefore quitting smoke is very essential to slow down your wrinkling process also help your skin to re-establish.

Improve Skin Elasticity

Quitting smoke assure to regain your elasticity of skin. Well healthy skin is must glow and elastic. Healthy skin can instantly improve after being damaged and stretched. It is same like a rubber band as we stretch it as or mold any how it comes into its actual position. Smoking makes your skin dry and less elastic as it easily trim down the amount of blood that extent to the skin. Dry skin is no elastic and does not recover after stretching it. This situation increases the smoker to appear into lose skin and stretch marks mainly after gaining weight. The reduction of elasticity from your skin is more likely to create wrinkles on your face skin and posing certain facial expressions. Hence quitting smoke makes your blood circulation very healthy, prevents from many skin problems, and recovers the skin elasticity very easily.

Reduce the Risk of Skin Cancer

It is pretty obvious that quitting smoke reduces skin cancer. Smoking increases the greater risk of certain skin cancer specifically ling cancer than nonsmokers do. Because the toxins and carcinogens is mainly inhaled with the help of lung. This inhalation from lung easily passes in to blood and deliver to each part of our body cell more likely in the skin cells.

Smoking cigarette is self risk factors for the growth of squamous cell carcinoma within the skin. It is a common and treated form of skin care.

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