Personal Hygiene is Essential to Ward off Dryness and Itchiness in Scrotum

Skin is the most sensitive and the most exposed part of the body therefore it is necessary that proper care of the skin should be taken especially during summers as the skin is affected the most with itchiness and also with tanning and allergies.

Scrotum is the most delicate part in the body of males, during summer time a man may feel itchiness and dry and red skin on the scrotum which is common complication which is not a matter to get worried about as this health complications is experienced by every man at some point of time in their life and above all this complication is not a major reason to worry.  This dry and red is caused in the scrotum as it is the best place for the growth of bacterial and fungal infections.  The finest solution to this health complication is by maintaining hygiene in that area and also using the anti-fungal and anti- bacterial cream. The symptoms of scrotum are similar to the symptom of eczema and psoriasis

The dry and itchy skin appearing on the scrotum is experienced during summer time as it is the season of sweating. Sweating in the body creates a humidity in the body parts  such as in the personal area this makes the best place for the growth of fungus and also  bacteria’s as it has enough humidity and dampness for the growth of such fungal infections. This condition is worsened if a person wears synthetic clothes during summertime due to  which the oxygen cannot pass through the  cloth and e air cannot reach the scrotum to keep it dry and away from dampness


When a person feels itchiness and dryness in the scrotum then he may be affected by the infection in the scrotum.  When a person feels itchiness scathing the scrotum makes the situation worse  and causes redness in the area  and the scratching may lead to cuts in the skin that can get infected easily by the bacteria’s and the fungus and also may lead to spreading of the infection in other parts of the body.


The best way to avoid dry and itchy skin on the scrotum is by keeping personal hygiene and wearing cotton clothes so that the air can easily pass and keep the area clean and dry, if the area remains damp it may leads to the growth of bacteria’s and fungal infection due to less oxygen and dampness. Cleaning the scrotum with mild soap and warm water kills the bacteria’s and also taking bath daily should be maintained.

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