Night terrors and nightmares can affect children

Night terrors may affect children also others sleep. It is a pure fear response and the kid may not even remember the episode and the reaction

night-terrors-and-nightmares-can-affect-childrenChildren may have recurrent nightmares that spoil their sleep. But it is not night terror. It is easier to calm the kid in occasional nightmare but the latter may be a bit difficult to manage. It may be because that there is no particular reason for it. Night terrors occur before the deep rapid eye movement and the nightmares happen later.


The fear and panic stricken response of the child during a night terror is often hard to control. They may thrash around or simply sit up in an upright position without any recognition sign. Sometimes they may even scream or act as in pain. Even if you try to talk them out of it or console them, it is of no use.

After a few minutes, the child may calm down on his or her own self and go back to sleep. In the nightmare, the situation may be quite infuriating and the kid will find it difficult to get sleep due to the images from the dream flashing before their eyes. In night terrors, the kid may not recollect what they did during that period and will not have any visual memory of the incident.

Sleep disruption may not be felt by the victim. But it is sure to wake the parents up and stress them. You may often wonder why your child is behaving this may. This part of response not that of a worry in deeper medical terms but can be still upsetting for the parents and also the child to an extent. The pattern of night terror may disappear as they grow up or may persist.


There may be increase in their heart beat and they may even breathe faster than usual. Night terrors occur generally within two to three hours of the sleep and the nightmares happen later. These occur because of the extreme arousal of the victim’s central nervous system. The brain activity is controlled by the central nervous system, which gets disrupted.

There may be many other causes to night terrors. It can be a reaction to the new medications or stress. Tiredness and overwork or activity can also lead to this. Lack of sleep and depression may be the reason too. Sleeping in a different or a new place or away from the home may also aggravate the matter.

This may be more relevant in boys and may occur between the ages of four to twelve. It can also affect the toddlers. As the central nervous system matures, this problem may disappear altogether.

Treatment options

You can try to reduce the stress of your child to make them feel comfortable before sleep. If they are tired, some relaxation techniques can help them overcome night terrors. Staying awake for long hours is a common thing in children, but this has to be avoided. A fixed routine of sleeping time may also keep this dilemma away.

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