Is Sushi Roll Beneficial for You

Sushi roll is tasty and has many health benefits. There may be certain risks to body also that you need to be careful about

Sushi consists of many veggies, rice, fish and other food materials. But sushi may differ in fillings. These rolls may look very tasty. But are they good for your health. The answer lies in the things that make a sushi roll. Most of the times, they are wrapped in seaweed or dough of an eatable. Raw fish is used in it. Everything is raw basically. This is what makes it special delicacy. Many people one to try it at least once in their life.

Health Benefits of Sushi Rolls

When you go to eat sushi in restaurants, you will find a lovely graphical display of the varieties available in it. The raw fish is low in calories. It is also high in proteins. There are low saturated fats in it. Cholesterol is almost absent. It is a hearty meal choice. Salmon in sushi is also good. It has fatty acids omega-3. Similarly fishes like mackerel, herring, lake trout helps in lowering your blood pressure. It also decreases the chances to abnormal heart diseases.

The raw veggies in it may be rich in vitamins and minerals. The seaweed sheets also contain nutrients. Iodine is also available in it. This is important for proper function of the hormones. It is found widely in sea vegetable that is dried. You will also get calcium, magnesium, iron and folic acid in the sushi rolls. So it can be a very healthy snack for you.

Health Risks of Sushi Rolls

Sushi rolls may contain covert calories which you may not notice. If you are health cautious, then you should go through the ingredients in it. If you are allergic to any particular component, make the chef know that you want that to be excluded. You can also choose the filling of your choice. Be careful of the sauces in it. Too much of soy sauce can be bad as it contains sodium.

Mayonnaise, cheese and cream in it can make you gain on fats. Raw fish can be unclean also sometimes. Make sure that the fish is cold. It may help in killing external parasites. Mercury levels in lakes, river and seas can be high. So, raw fishes may have greater risks of being infected. Cooked meat is always better than raw ones. But in sushi roll this is not going to be so.

It is better that you consider an experienced chef who can make a clean and hygienic sushi roll. You can even go for safer options and exclude some of the sauces that you are not sure about. If you have deficiency of a particular nutrient, you can include vegetables that have those missing elements in sushi rolls.

You can also go for a steamed thin crust of seaweed. This will keep away germs from your sushi roll. So you need to worry about sushi being healthy for your or not. You can yourself see to it that it becomes a health snack for your body.

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