How to Treat Gum Infection with Helpful Home Remedies

Gum infections like gingivitis or blacked out teeth is the most commonly seen problem in several people. Here are some home remedies to tackle with them.

Taking into consideration, the higher level of sugar content in food and sodas that we consume on a daily basis, it is shocking that people are more known to the teeth infection known as gingivitis. A greenish grumpy layer of fetid smelling bacteria, black tooth, and worse representation are the enduring effects of gum infectivity. However, getting this treated from the dentist may cost your pocket highly, while there are some home remedies that can be used to maintain your teeth from any infections. This can also reduce much of your expense.

Home remedies to treat gum infections:-

Gargling With Salt Water:

Amazingly this much admired technique of safeguarding the mouth that has weakened with time.  Like a mouth wash, gargling with salt water can clean your teeth completely.  This will in turn make the skin of your gums dry thereby straining the infections of bacteria in your mouth.  The influence of this salty water solution would be stated by the sternness of your infection. However, it is recommended not to continue this procedure for excess time as it can adversely affect your gums and might even crack them when they become dry.

Clove Oil

Clove oil is one of the best and most preferred naturally pain relieving solution for tooth ache. It is a very syrupy matter but works as a painkiller and reliefs you from severe pain.  This oil doesn’t serves completely with the gingivitis but an extremely best treatment for reducing pain that occurs due to this problem. It soothes the soreness completely and acts like a general yet weak form of anesthesia to treat severe tooth ache.


Garlic can be helpful in dealing with throbbing tooth pain. Garlic, though, has very amazing factors when it comes to enhance your resistant system. Make a garlic oil by boiling garlic in coconut water. Later, rub this oil gently into the gum. Sooner you can see soothe in the pain, also, reducing gingivitis.

Hydrogen Peroxide Powder

Hydrogen peroxide powder also acts as a favor to heal with gingivitis. For this all you have to do is add a tea spoon of hydrogen powder into the water and rinse your mouth thoroughly with it. This particular solution of hydrogen peroxide powder and water kills the germs and bacterial related with gingivitis and bad breath as well.

Salt and Lemon

As brutal as it sounds to put lemon and salt on an open wound. But this has proved out to be the most effective treatment for stopping the growing germs of gingivitis. Salt will help in drying the region and lemon is very citric which will slay microbes. This will hurt you, but at the same time will initially reduce gingivitis that too in an affordable way.

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