Higher the Level of Nutritive Value with Dry lentils

A lentil is a good source of nutrient it’s a healthy type of legumes with a great source of vitamins and minerals.

Lentils are rich source of nourishments to keep you healthy and strong. Legumes are rich in minerals and vitamins like folate and minerals like magnesium, iron and potassium. Lentils are good for weight loss people as it is low in calories and high level of fiber. Lentils aid to control the blood sugar level and diseases that are linked to heart attack, brain stroke etc.

Make sure that you use a sufficient amount of lentils in diet to take an accurate balance of nutrients even after adding another ingredients’ to it. The healthy way to eat lentils must be in a limited amount to give the proper balanced diet. You can use lentils as a preservative in soups or salads or even in the veggie burgers to give some delicious taste.

Nutritional Overview

Lentils are the essential source of nutrient that is required for our body. Dry lentils contain a proper nutritive value of carbohydrates, calories, minerals, vitamins; fiber etc. Almost 100 grams of dry lentils carries 60 grams of carbohydrates, 2 gram of sugar, 353 calories and 30 grams of fibers. The proportion of this nutrient lowers the level of cholesterol that correlated with the blood sugar and constipation. Lentils contain only 1 gram of fats in every serving, as compared to one gram of cholesterol that raise saturated fats with no cholesterol. Therefore legumes said to be the healthiest alteration of high cholesterol fatty animal protein like steak and high fats. It’s a sodium free legume; therefore, no one has to get worried about increasing sodium in the body.

Protein and Fat

Lentils carries almost 26 gram of proteins as per 100 grams of servings. The protein that contains in lentils is same as contained in the protein foods like beans and meat. Protein is heavy nutrient, thus lentils help your weight to be in control because the protein trims down your stomach and empty it, and thus your hunger becomes less.


100 grams serving of dry lentils give 7.5 milligram of iron. Iron plays a vital role of hemoglobin to maintain healthy blood cells in children and women. Females need a great amount of iron to develop blood cells in the body as compared top men. A lentil carries a good amount of potassium, that aid to carry a healthy blood pressure and reduces the chronic diseases. Minerals like zinc, copper and magnesium is very essential for one’s body.


A lentil is a natural supply of vitamin like flat. Folate with 479 micrograms and 120 percent of lentils is necessary every day for body. Folate is vital for vitamin B especially for the health of heart because it controls the homocysteine level in blood. Folate is very necessary for pregnant women or the women who is getting pregnant because intake of folate reduces the risk of neural tube birth defects. Lentils also support riboflavin, niacin vitamin B-6 and niacin.

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