Follow Some Steps to Tackle with Upper Lips Hair

Make yourself free from the excessive hair growth on your upper lips and some easy way to remove hairs from upper part of lips that will make you more beautiful.

Are you ashamed of going out or feeling embarrassed of hair above your lips? If you are, also among one who are ashamed of the hairs that grows upper your lips. Then this is the best article, which will help you to get rid from upper lips hairs, and know how this occurs.

Hairs that grow above your lips are the genetic and hormonal problem. The upper lip hairs can appear in both men as well as women. Whereas, men’s have the thicker and darker hair usually known as terminal and women is who have lighter and finer hair known as vellus. Excessive hair on women’s face isn’t a normal sign. There are some causes of the upper lips hair growth, which occurs due to the fundamental disorder.

What cause upper lips hair?

Hirsutism- hirsutism identifies as an increase growth of hair on your face, skin, chin and upper part of lips. The main cause of the hirsutism is the important stage of the male androgens known as testosterone; where as 10 percent of women’s get affected by the same disorder.

Tumors- if there is over production of specific hormones in both the sexes then it may lead to the excessive growth of hairs on face due to the formation of tumors in ovaries and adrenal gland may lead to such problems.


  • One can apply a layer of bleach to lighten your upper lip hair. You have to mix the ingredient, which comes with the kit apply it for 15 minutes then wash it off with a wet cloth and let it dry lightly with cloth.
  • Grasp a pair of upper lip hairs with tweezers and pull it off in an instant moment. Repeat this process with other upper lip hair also.
  • You can apply a hot wax to remove excessive hairs from upper lip. Apply a light layer of wax on upper lips, place a fabric stick over it rub the strip, and pull it off in steady movement.
  • One can do threading to remove upper lips hairs in the parlor.


  • Do not use electrolysis kit at home to remove upper lip hairs because it may remove permanent hairs and can cause infection as compared to the professional parlors.
  •  While using tweezer one must place a opposite hand finger tightly on to your upper lip skin and pull hair off in a sudden moment this will help you to give a little pain.
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