Fibromyalgia syndrome causes unpleasant reactions to pressures

Fibromyalgia is a disorder that reacts to the muscular and psychological pressures by responding with pain in different parts of the body

Fibromyalgia is a neuropsychiatric or musculoskeletal disease. The patient suffers from pain in the connective tissues or the muscles in this disorder. The pain signals are quite strong in these people’s brains. They are not able to resist the sensation like other normal individuals.


There is response of pain and fatigue due to more tactile pressure. Muscle spasm and even weakness of the body can occur. Disturbance in bowel movements and palpitations is very common. Twitching of the muscles and nerve pain can also happen. The skin may tingle and disruption of sleep is also possible. All these are the physical signs.

Even cognitive symptoms are relevant. Short and long term memory loss or inability to concentrate can be one of the signs. Reduction in performance due to lack of speed and impairment in multitasking can be an issue. Depression and growing anxiety can result due to Fibromyalgia. Attention span may diminish due to cognitive overload.

Headaches due to other diseases and spasms due to some existing muscular disorder can aggravate the tension. Pain can occur in the neck, shoulder, hips, lower back and some other areas. Joint disorders and rheumatoid arthritis can also result in this condition. Diseases like myoclonic twitches, interstitial cystitis and others can have similar symptoms.


There can be no specific cause of Fibromyalgia. But ‘central sensitizations’ is the most common reason for this disorder. There are some genetic dispositions to this. Polymorphism of certain genes in dopaminergic, serotoninergic and catecholaminergic can cause this condition.

Stress is another reason that contributes to Fibromyalgia. Post traumatic disorder and even excess physical tension can lead to pain. Tiredness and depression is another agent in worsening the situation. Abuse in the childhood can lead to serious impacts when it comes to this specific issue.

Some abnormalities in the hormones and metabolism can also exaggerate the disorder. Hippocampus regulates the pain and sleep and any disruption in the same will make this problem to intensify more.


There is no certain treatment for Fibromyalgia. Understanding the causes and drawing an action plan can reduce the pain and the occurrence of the symptoms greatly. Some physiological and psychological therapies to point the actual cause of distress is undertaken. This can help in gauging the severity of this disorder.

Some significant exercises to relax the muscle and cognitive behavioral therapy can help in curtailing the symptoms and identifying the cause of Fibromyalgia. Medicines and antidepressants may ease the pain excellently by dissolving the cause of the condition. Combination therapy to calm the physical ailments and the mental pressure is important.

The diagnosis of this disease time and again faces disputes and new researches for betterment of the treatment. The underlying disorders that cause this condition are also being tried to deal with. This can make the incidence of the disease to reduce and also may open new horizons to a successful technique to eliminate major causes.

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