Excessive Salivation and Its Common Causes

If you feel that you are salivating more than normal, then there may be some hidden causes of them and you need to know more about the causes

excessive-salivation-and-its-common-causesThere may be times that you run out of breath and feel your mouth running dry. There will be other moments when you are not able to stop yourself from salivating too much. This condition may be temporary but in some cases can be chronic also. You can find such occurrence in infants also in pregnant women.

In the growing age, a child may have this kind of issue. It may be not that too complicated a reason of health. In other incidences, it may be the symptom of different diseases. So, in the entire situation, one may feel the mouth liquid to disturb them and disrupt their course of their life. You can deal with this dilemma wisely and also understand the underlying reason for it.

Normally a person produces around half a liter or one and a half liter of saliva every day. If saliva gland malfunctions, this issue may arise. This is called sialorrhea. Sometimes due to certain diseases, one may not be able to keep the normal level of saliva produced in the mouth also. Let us know the causes of it in detail.

The causes leading to more production of saliva

If you have got dentures, then this may happen. It may take some time to get used to dentures and this may make you salivate more. During pregnancy, there will be increased activity like this. The expectant mother may face this condition. Certain medications also reflect such reactions. Inflammation in the mouth of the mucous membranes which is stomatitis is also responsible.

Infection of the throat and mouth may also interfere with the salivary gland. The gastroesophageal reflux disease can also result in more saliva. In rare occasions, conditions like mercury and arsenic poisoning may also lead to such an activity. There is a disorder of the birth in which the young do not have a developed esophagus.

This is the esophageal atresia that also invites such a complication. If a person is infected with rabies then excessive salivation can be seen. Syphilis is the infection caused by bacteria and spreads because of the sexual contact. Bell’s palsy is when the person has a weakness in the facial muscle or its paralysis.

All the above disorders may result in such dilemma. Tuberculosis and some allergies can also lead to this. Acute and chronic sinusitis, tumors in the lip or the tongue, enlarged adenoids may also be a part of this complication.

Some other reasons

If the coordination of the muscles in the face is affected then there will be problems in the oral cavity. This may make it difficult for the person to retain or swallow the saliva present in the mouth. People who are autistic or have some psychological disorder may suffer from this. Down syndrome, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and dementia can also be the culprit in this.

Multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s disease can also be the causative agent. Cardiac arrest may also stimulate this. Fragile X syndrome may also heighten more salivation or the loss of control over the mouth to retain the saliva.

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