Dream Analysis: A Breakthrough of Conventional Therapy

Dream analysis was designed by Sigmund Freud a famous psychologist known to have provided the humanity a deep research

dream-analysis-a-breakthrough-of-conventional-therapyDream analysis, as it name says, is basically the study of the dreams of the patient. Sigmund Freud believed that one’s subconscious mind was the actual gateways to all the problems of emotional distress and behavioral disorders. He said that the person may not be aware of the reasons of particular reactions. But it is all in the individual’s mind.

Sigmund Freud’s dream analysis

By studying the dreams, Sigmund tried to form a basis on the person’s responses and the behavioral attitude. He said that an individual may have suppressed desires and wishes that were never fulfilled. It can be an inner conflict of identity or some childhood issue that was never addressed. All this causes may have a negative impact in the future.

According to Freud, dreams somehow was one of the way know about all these discrepancies. In an unconscious state, the conscious mind is absent and the subconscious becomes active. It is then; the mind discovers the realities of the id, ego, and superego. He told the patient to get up in the morning and note down the first thought and also the dream they saw.

A proper account of all these dreams is then later studied and the cause of the psychological problem is established. Freud was of the opinion that many of the issues related to the sexual desires of a person. But many debated on this topic and contradicted the findings of Freud. But still, even these days, dream analysis is one of the methods that many psychiatrists follow.

With more discussion, many other psychiatrists came up with a better version of this theory. Some of the major breakthroughs in many of the psychological dilemmas have been possible because of this therapy. It is known to have many benefits and a genuine healing where a person comes face to face with the self.

Dream analysis: A stepping stone in the history of psychological diseases

Criminals as well as other individuals who suffer from behavioral issues find dream analysis a helpful method of overcoming mental dilemmas. Even for children who suffer from night terrors or the adults who have recurrent disturbing thoughts and hallucinations feel better after this therapy. Sometimes bottled up and repressed incidents come into the picture and patient becomes aware of the truth.

People sometimes live in fantasy and like to think about a particular concept again and again which actually may be harmful for the health. They may become obsessed with that so much as they even dream about similar events and gain pleasure and sometimes pain out of it. This is unhealthy for the body as it may restrict the normal mental growth of the individual.

Dream analysis plays a significant role in rectifying this behavior and also identifying the cause behind it. It may be time consuming but is certainly advantageous in finding a practical way out from all these diseases.

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