Different Lice and Means to Get Rid of Them

Body lice can infect you and proliferate soon. You need to curb this so that you do not face any problem. You can prevent this naturally

You may have problem of body lice. But this may not be the only thing that may bother you. There may be many reasons for such a situation. One, that you do not maintain hygiene. Second, you may be in contact with a person who already possesses body lice. You have to see to it that all this conditions are taken care of. Otherwise, you may find yourself infected by these pests.

Body Lice

The nature of body lice is really strange. They may infect any part of your body. They come out to feed on your body. They may hide in your clothes and other items that provide them comfort. You have to clean your clothes and house, bedding and other things regularly. This will make sure that you do not become a victim of these kinds of incidences. You may have to also take bath when you get dirty.

You should keep your bedding and clothes fresh. When they begin becoming dirty, they may stain. If they smell, it may be an indication of body lice creeping all over your bedding and clothes.

Head Lice

You may be infected with body lice, pubic lice or head lice. These are different from each other. Head pests grow and feast on scalp. They may not be able to survive more than few hours away from their host. But they multiply really fast. They do not fly. But they can crawl fast from one place to another. This way they can become more dangerous for you. They also lay lots of eggs.

You may have to apply coconut or olive oil to break the exoskeleton of head lice. Even mayonnaise application on head may resolve the issue. Some chemicals may also help.

Public Lice

Public lice on the other hand only infect your genitals. In rare cases they may even be present in pubic hair found underarms and other places. This can be transmitted during sexual activity. If you wear dirty clothes, this may happen. If you do not wash yourself well, then also this can be possible. These lice are very small and hard to notice. You may feel itchiness in your pubic area. Rashes and wounds may also appear.

You have to just make sure that you do not get involved in sexual activity with people having such a problem. You keep yourself clean. This will keep pubic lice away.

Solutions to all kinds of lice

All the above mentioned lice can affect human beings anytime. Even if you keep yourself very clean, there might be a possibility of infection. You will have to be sure that people around you are hygienic. This will take away your troubles of getting affected by lice. You can even check your body, clothes and hair regularly to see your present condition. So adhere to the safety norms and you will have a scratch and rash free body.

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