China Population High in HIV Positive on this HIVor AIDS Day

china-population-high-in-hiv-positive-on-this-hivor-aids-dayOn this AIDS and HIV day, the whole world is going to witness the celebration of living a solitary life without the empathy of others for being HIV positive. But with this growing awareness seem to be just facts and news which people read on once and forget it for lifetime. This is been proved by recent figures released by the Chinese centre for disease control and prevention this Wednesday.  It was conducted to known the rates of HIV/AIDS positive in the country. And astonishing to known that the rates have rapidly increased in recent times in china and which also revealed that the number has been increased in older people and college students due to unsafe sexual practices.

According to Chinese’ government official, the CDC figures demonstrated that the score of HIV positive in men above the age of 60 has soared from 483 in 2005 to 3,031 in 2010 and also in them the rates of AIDS infection have raised from 237 in 2005 to 2,546 in 2010. This shows the unawareness among people of china related to HIV and AIDS.  Also, the educated class is seemed to be ignorant and unaware about the illness which is evident with the figures of CDC report. It shows that students between the ages of 20-24 years have been recorded with HIV and AIDS. The number has been increased t 22% from 2005 to 2010.

Thus the CDC figures are an eye- opening report which has unstable the health issue in China. Thus, when asked about the cause of this unawareness among people on HIV d AIDS to the director of the CDC HIV/AIDS prevention and control center, Wu Zunyou, he replied, that “due to improvements in health and living standards in the country, older people have remained sexually active, even well after retirement, and for various reasons, such as the “death of spouses or their lack of interest, some elderly people have resorted to sex services.” Also further added, “Many tended to choose secluded and low-end venues and didn’t use condoms, which made them highly susceptible to HIV Infections.” Wu noted that HIV/AIDS is now scattered more widely in China than ever before, sorely challenging efforts to prevent and control the spread, and explained they were also seeing an unexpected rise in cases of infection found through hospital check.

But, China is seem to be fighting back with the project by international medical and humanitarian charity Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) and the Chinese CDC in Nanning, the capital of the mountainous province of Guangxi in the far south of the country. After 7 years of providing HIV care, the MSF-CDC partnership handed over the project to local health authorities. Thus, this also shows that people are been made aware to  keep themselves free from HIV/Aids  infections and along with that it ensures that such person can lead a better life after its detection.

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