Aftermath of Air Condition on Your Health

Know the health hazards of air condition on your health and the ways to tackle with this situation.

The coolest and comfort necessities in today’s world specially used in summer is air condition. Air conditioner is the coolest element to keep your body temperature cool and also helps to keep your body gain ease from stress quickly.

Central air condition is the type of air condition specially used in the homes and the business world. These cooling elements tend to keep your health with many harmful effects. Central condition is used in the summer season to comfort you. However, the air of this element rise up many health problems due the contamination of organic speck presents in the air. The air condition is more likely to spread disease from one person to another. Know some of the other side effects of central air condition.

Air Condition May Exaggerate Your Respiratory Condition

The problem arises due to central air condition because of its condensed cooling coils. Microorganism start to grow in the drain pans and mold it thus causes you to fall sick and helps to meet with multiple numbers of diseases. This microorganisms spread all through your home, due the central air condition ventilation system. The microorganisms worsen the person’s disease and gets into major lung infection who are suffering from bronchitis, respiratory illness or bronchitis. This people may experience wheezing, shortage of breathe and other major ill effects.

Contamination Occurs Due To Indoor Air

Indoor air is more contaminated than the outside air. A person working in the business world has to spend lot of time in the indoor places. Due the indoor air the bacteria and other disease has a great chance to grow in and doesn’t allow the fresh air to get in thus enlarge the hazardous issue with the people who are already suffering with respiratory problems and cardiovascular problems. Indoor pollutants can spread a number of diseases such as bacteria, mildew, pollen, molds, animal dander and viruses. Central air condition does not produce fresh air and raises the indoor pollutants. Outside air, is utmost very important to kill the indoor pollutants causing certain diseases and bacteria’s.

Number of disease spread

Legionnaire’s diseases are the common disease probably spread due to the central air condition. The cooling tower that is generated due to air condition has initiated to have legionnaires pneumophilia in water presents due to its cooling essences. The pollutant air intakes closely to the auxiliary cooling tower, that usually spreads disease causing the person to fall sick and other health problems.

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