Signs and Symptoms of Yeast Infection among Women

Unhealthy lifestyles have led to the growth of many diseases and infections in human body. One of them is the Yeast Infection which is commonly seen in women. Yeast Infections are itchy, they cause burning sensation and painful swelling that can be extremely uncomfortable and very embarrassing, so when these obscure indications show up the best thing to do is to consult a doctor or check out a nearby pharmacy for quick anti-fungal remedies. These quick solutions can give you a temporary relief and your symptoms may go away for the time being but you know that shortly they will be back.

So, if you really wish to cure this infection then getting to the root of this problem is finding out what causes this recurring infection. Candida Albicans is a common yeast fungus that grows in the wet and warm places in our body, such as the women’s genital areas. Candida micro organisms are essential to our bodies in order to hold other potentially harmful micro-organism at bay, but when these Candida micro-organisms increase in uncontrolled numbers due to damaged harmony in our inner health they alter to form a yeast variety into a fungal variety. There are several reasons that cause and enhance the growth of Candida micro-organisms and thus leading to Yeast Infection:

  • Tight fitting clothes that restrict passage of air, thus allowing a wetter and warmer environment for Candida Albicans to nurture and multiply.
  • Hot and humid weather can also be one of the reason
  • An allergic reaction can also stress the body to allow the Yeast Infection take control
  • A poor diet can weaken the immune system and allow multiplication of yeast
  • Hormonal changes  mostly during pregnancy
  • Diabetes, the yeast micro-organisms feed on the extra glucose in the body and thus keep on growing.

There are many anti-fungal creams, ointments and even suppositories available in the market that are intended to kill the Yeast Infection. The most effective long term permanent solution to this problem is a comprehensive holistic treatment which looks at all aspects of your health and works on its removal thoroughly so that they do not occur again. The better way to be guided and helped would be consulting a doctor so that you will know how far the infection has grown and what medicines are the best to get rid of this infection. Yeast Infection is not a harmful disease but if neglected can cause several problems. So, proper should be taken and timely checkups should be done if such symptoms are faced.

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