Take an appropriate care of organic baby food that may lead to various health problems that will show its effects in future.

An organic baby food is natural with no added preservatives and is produced with no synthetic chemicals. Many parents believe that giving an organic food to baby is the betterment to keep them healthy and stronger. As babies are more sensitive and quickly get exposed to pesticides and other chemical that are used in food. A parent normally selects the organic food to feed their babies. However, organic food may be health hazardous for them and lead to several health problems like illness.

Parents should keep a look on their baby food so that they won’t give them dangerous contaminated food.

What are the risks of organic baby food?


Botulism can make baby ill. The major problem of baby to feel sick is by just eating organic food that is been contaminated with botulism. Normally, Preservatives stop the growth of botulism but organic food is natural and do not contain any preservatives therefore, take care of the food from being contaminated from the botulism that can harm baby’s health. The major possibility of botulism in preservatives may lead to your baby’s poor health. Sometimes botulism present even after heating, so there is no limitation of risk after cooking baby food. Botulism can be very dangerous for infants; consumption of the botulism may emerge into sickness and should prescribe doctor if the serious problem occurs.


Some fertilizers, which are used by the organic farmers, are not good for the baby’s health. Manure is one of the fertilizers, which makes some harmful changes in the organic food. Hence, government has certified some farmers those are allowed to use these fertilizers. But many farmers are there which use this manure without permission and this cause the production of E.coil and listeria, salmonella these are the harmful components which can cause many hazardous effect. Hence, try to use the proper organic food.


Nitrates are found naturally in many root vegetables, that are usually grow in the ground. Some of the root vegetables are beetroot, carrot, collard green and turnips etc are very healthy for a person’s health but sometime its is risky for the babies. Whereas, the risk of illness for the baby are small in quantity due to the nitrates. Parents who uses organic product in baby food give rise to the risk of illness. The organic baby foods that are containing in jar are first screened for nitrates and then uses for selling.