Most common reason behind the pubescent suicide is depression and anxiety. Mental stress is the main part for leading risk of suicide.

Pubescent is a time where many teenagers fluctuates in their hormonal system change as well as non-stability in there mood and behavior pattern. Teen practices a tough emotional condition and feels like harassed by adults along with compressed with tensions more than adults are.

Pubescent is normally known as the stage where the adults and teenagers are filled with more emotions and drama due to the growing independence increases day-to-day responsibilities brings a massive change in them. This is the time for them to fill with different an opportunity that sometimes fails or sometimes succeed. Some adults with the same condition come out with the problem but some fails and becomes the victim of suicide. Moreover, according to the surveys it being recognized that third ranking reason for pubescent death was in 2010. It means the recent one.

There are many reasons for the pubescent suicidal case like.

Poor mental health

It is proved that there are around 95 percent of the pubescent found in the suicidal case because of the mental disorder. Getting into the depression is the most ordinary disorder finds in pubescent. The other exceptional case of the suicide may also occur due to personality disorder, anxiety disorder, and schizophrenia or drugs addiction. Pubescent with this disorder normally lack to identify their personal problems as well as this leads them to think irrationally. Moreover, the defense mechanism does not help them to think about the problem more rationally rather than negatively.

Poor home environment

Pubescent stays with their families normally encounter with the stressful situation. Teens are under pressure of their families to perform some kind of work or in the academics, may lead to depression and lead to the ignorance of food, stability and security, this causes a maximum number or suicides. Divorcee parents or the death of parent also leads to the increase in suicidal case due to the lack of guidance from one parent.

Poor relations in friends

Maximum amount of the suicide case happens due to the interpersonal variation. These interpersonal variations are most common in the friends. Maltreatment is the mostly found in schools children as well as in the college teens. If the teens fails to cope up with maltreatment and fails to come out of this problem thus leads to the suicide. Poor love relation in couples also may prone to increase in suicides.

Rejection of the same sexual orientation

Teens with the homosexual may decide to suicide due to the peer group rejection, ignorance to them in public places, guilt, parental censure and loss of community approval. A teen with this sexual group has a high risk of suicides than heterosexual.