Dancers who want to pursue their whole life in a dancing need to maintain a proper diet to keep their physique fit and graceful.

Every individual want to become a famous dancer but to become a dancer there are many more struggles and restrictions that a dancing professional has to go through. Ballet dance is a type of performing art, and expresses feelings through their body moves. Ballet dancers has to be thin and skinny as per there professional rules. To become thin and skinny specially derives as the lack of the proper proteins, minerals requires for individuals body.

Ballet dancers have to uphold the balance between the nutrient and weight management. It is frail managing act to restrict the intake of calories and maintain thin body to perform peacefully and to balance a proper food with high minerals and proteins to keep you energetic during your performance. In addition, to get away from weakness and fatigue.

Myths to know about dancing as well as the features of diet

The disarray of eating is not only thing to uphold the healthy diet of ballerinas, but there are also some of the myths of the weight control that ballerinas have to face. Restricting meals is the easy way for them to keep themselves low weighted but it has negative impacts on their metabolism activity that may also lead to some other problems. Some believe that dancing exercise for a longer time may not become overweighed, but there is a myth behind it excessive exercise that can tire you physically and mentally but practicing one hour ballet dance can only burn 200 calories a day. The diet for the ballet dancers must be low, 3 snack and 3 meals a day are effective throughout a day. The percentage of the carbohydrate, proteins and fat should be well maintained.

Diet plan for the ballerinas

Low fat diet is very essential for ballerinas to reach the target of losing weight.

  • Ballerinas should take a proper meal throughout their day. For breakfast, dancers should consume one bowl of starch, one time fruits and half a glass of skim milk.
  • For the mid morning snack, plateful of fruits are necessary.
  • For the lunch, they must eat healthy diet like lean meat, two time vegetable, one serving of the starch food for lunch
  • ¬†Half a glass of skim milk, two time vegetables, starch and a small quantity of fruits along with it for your brunch.
  • Ballerinas must consume a light food for dinner with minimum quantity of starch, fruit and skim milk.


Ballerinas must drink at least 8 glass of water per day to keep their body hydrated. Drinking a proper amount of body throughout the day will help their body to release a fluid waste.