Altering seasons can mean wretchedness by leading to pollen allergies.  Following points can be pondered upon so as to keep oneself away from Pollen Allergies.

Have you ever experienced running nose with the bout of sneezing and frustrating eyes all of sudden, then this is nothing but Pollen Allergies.  They are mostly noticed during the changing season, some of them it is also recognized by the name “hay fever” or “seasonal allergic rhinitis.” Pollen Allergies happens due to the pollens present in the male cells of the flowering plants.  They spread with the flow of air thereby landing in the person’s nose, lungs, eyes or skin consequently setting up to allergic reaction. In such cases there are many signs and symptoms been noticed that includes Itchy throat, Nasal congestion, Sneezing, Runny nose and Watery eyes.

Pollen allergies if not taken into consideration may lead to worse problems of asthma and infections of eyes, skin and sinus as well.  They are similar to the problems of but usually cold gets better rapidly with the upcoming time, but it’s not the case with pollen allergies.

Ensure that the symptoms you are getting through are pollen allergy or not. If you are not sure, about the symptoms it’s always beneficial to consult the doctor and get treated as early as possible. It’s always better to take precautions before they get attracted to you.

Once you recognize what is reason of your symptoms, you can approach the following steps to avoid it. Try the following to get rid of your contact to pollen:

  • Try to keep the outside doors and windows of your room closed.
  • During the season of pollen, keep your rooms cool with the air conditioner.  Stay away from attic fans and widows during this season. Even when you are travelling in the car, roll the windows while driving.
  • When you are outdoors, wear sunglasses lessen pollen in your eyes.  Even, change your dress as soon as you return from outdoors.
  • Stay away from your pets, as they bring pollen in their furs when they are outdoors.
  • Do not roam outdoors in the early morning time as the pollens are more rampant at this time.
  • Also, do not touch or rake plants during the season of pollen.
  • Trim the grass and the plants in your lawn but remember to wear mask while doing this.

Thus, try above given steps to avoid the complications of pollen allergies for living trouble free life for forever.