Get to know more about the causes of voice disorder and how can it b prevented

Voice disorder is a significant obstacle on a person’s aptitude of communicating thoughts and feelings. Voice is used to convey a spectrum of emotions of one’s feelings. Verbal communication is a way to convey the message to the people. Voice box have two vocal cords, this vocal cords are the band of muscle tissue. The muscle tissue in the voice box helps to vibrate and thus produce the sound that we can hear.

Voice disorder can affect your voice that includes nodules, polyps, infection, acid reflux, vocal cord cancer. Around 7.5 millions of people suffer from voice disorder. Know more about the causes of voice disorder and how it can be prevented.

Voice disorder can be caused due to.

Vocal nodules

Voice nodules are the chords of a person, when he extends his voice in a greater amount. Thus this voice form cal louses. Vocal chords are generally known as vocal folds, which are the mucus membranes extended towards the cartilage of the larynx. This membrane helps to vibrate and thus produces the sound once the air is exhaled while the vocal folds are closed. Vocal nodules also referred to as the singer nodes. This singer node can forms due to the chronic mistreatment.


Due to smoking the mucus membranes of the vocal folds gets dries and thus causes irritation. Smoking can also worsen the quality of the voice. Clearance of the throat brutal the slam of the vocal folds. Damage of occurs due to smoking also affects the voice and can cause voice disorder.

Preventation from the voice disorder

Stay hydrated

Hydrate yourself from drinking lots of fluids specially water. Consuming lots of fluids, helps the vocal cord tissue can keep them moisturized. If you are under hydrated, the muscle tissue in the vocal cord gets dried and feels irritated. One must drink around seven to eight glass of water to keep you hydrated and to cure from these problems.

Avoid clearing your Throat

Clearing your throat can worsen your vocal cord to vibrate it with abnormal way. This can become a great damage to the swelling already present, and cause a bad throat infection or irritations. Clearing your throat may increase the friction in the vocal cord and leaves your throat more painful and irritated.