Arugula is a very nutritious green vegetable and can be used in salads, stews and other food items. They have many health benefits

Arugula is known as garden rocket and is a very beneficial leafy vegetable that has the Eruca sativa as the scientific name. It is succulent and lobular leaves. They have an identical appearance to spinach. They taste nice and are very tender. They grow in cold season.

Salad rocket also has vitamin K. It helps in bone formation and also its strength. It also stops the damage of the nerves in the brain. It also helps the patients of the Alzheimer’s disease. It also has iron and copper. These are good for the red blood cells.

It also has potassium, manganese and other minerals that are good for the women during pregnancy and also the menopausal stage. You can also find it helpful while you are in menstrual phase of life. They can ease the pain and also keep the digestive system healthy.

Advantages of Arugula

Like other vegetables, even arugula has many advantages for the human body. They posses very less calorie and its leaves are very healthy to ear. They contain antioxidants and minerals along with vitamins and phytochemicals. It is therefore called rocket salad.

Phytochemicals like isothiocyanates, indoles, sulforaphane and thiocyanates are present in them. They all together fight the breast, colon, prostate, ovarian and cervical cancer by diminishing the estrogen’s carcinogenic effect. It inhibits the growth of the cancerous cells and reduces the cytotoxic effect in them.

Arugula is an excellent source of essential folates and also folic acid. They help in preventing the neural tube defects formerly present newborns. The lipid soluble metabolite that is the di-indolyl-methane of the indole has the immune modulator and the antiviral properties along with the anti bacterial characteristics.

Other benefits

It lessens the effect of the interferon gamma rays and the receptors and their production. These elements can treat the respiratory papillomatosis hat the human papilloma virus causes. It can also be beneficial to the patients suffering from cervical dysplasia.

So arugula is really important for the body. Arugula is also rich in vitamin A of the beta carotene. The flavonoid compounds that exists in this vegetable aids in protecting the lung, skin and oral cavity from the cancer and other diseases. It also has the B complex vitamins like niacin, thiamin and riboflavin.

It also contains pyridoxine and the pantothenic acid that are essential for the cellular enzymatic action in the metabolic activity. It also has vitamin C and it is a very strong antioxidant. Vitamin C protects you from infectious agents and scurvy and other pro inflammatory elements.

Storage and consumption

You can store arugula in cool place. The moisture content in this vegetable should be intact. This will keep it fresh and also full of the nutrients. You can even use the leaves of this vegetable in your soup and other preparation. This way you can keep the food tasty and also stay healthy.