Aquagenic urticaria is the allergy to water. When a person suffers from aquagenic urticaria, he or she experiences rashes and reddening of skin. There is no known treatment for aquagenic urticaria, but its symptoms can be treated.

We all need water to live as it is our basic necessity, but there are some people who are allergic to water. This is shocking but it is true and such types of allergies are considered to be very rare allergies.

We generally feel very refreshing when we have a bath, but people who have water allergies have reddening of the skin or itching of the skin. Although these allergic reactions subside in some time, there are some cases where the allergies have long lasting effects.

Water Allergy can create Havoc in your Life

There are many other drawbacks of water allergies. For example, you cannot get wet in the rain or enjoy a swim in the swimming pool. Life will come to a stop when you are diagnosed with aquagenic urticaria, or water allergy. It is very easy to detect if you have water allergy. When you come in contact with water, you will develop hives or rashes with intense itching and pain.

Cure for Water Allergy

There is not age factor for water allergy—it can affect kids, teens and adults as well—at any point of time. Effects of water allergy can be temporary or it can be long lasting for several years as well. The most important thing is that when you are diagnosed with this strange allergy, you need to get treated for it immediately. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for this allergy and you will have to restrict yourself and avoid contact with water. If you don’t have any choice, but to get wet with water, then you will have to restrict it to less than five minutes.

Treatment Options

You can reduce the effect of the water allergy by applying capsaicin cream to the affected areas. You can also ask the doctor for some anti allergy creams or medications. Most doctors will prescribe you Steroid cream and antihistamine medications that will help to treat the symptoms. Herbal treatments are also very helpful in reducing the effects of aquagenic urticaria, or water allergy. In addition to the aforementioned treatment, you will find doctors recommending ultra violet therapy with the combination of antihistamics to give relief from the symptoms of water allergy. You will also find some ‘over the counter’ medications that will give good relief from the symptoms of water allergy. Some of the ‘over the counter’ medications are in the form of creams such as the oil-in-water emulsion creams.

The sad allergy called water allergy

When you have water allergy, you will have an allergic reaction with all types of water, including sea water and fresh water. If there is a history of water allergy in your family, then there are chances that you may also contract this allergy. It is best to be aware of these allergies and act on them as soon as you see the symptoms.

People with water allergies have problems in drinking water as well. In most cases, when these people drink water, their throat may swell and they may also feel shortness of breath. The symptoms of throat swelling and shortness of breath are temporary and they usually go off in a few minutes.