Apcalis is another name of the medicine Tadalafil that belongs to the family of PDE-5 vasodilators.

Apcalis is available in tablets as well as jelly forms. However, many prefer the jelly to the tablet as it is easy to swallow and can also act as a thirst quencher due to easy solvency , forming a liquid after coming in contact to tongue saliva.

This family of medicines acts on the blood vessels by dilating them, hence increasing their girth; particularly around the genital area. The dilatation promotes enhanced blood flow to enable an erection to take place. However, it is not an aphrodisiac [self-stimulator] and prior stimulation is necessary for Apcalis pill to be effective.

To get the best results; the following must be considered while taking Apcalis:

  • The dosage level must be kept to 20mg for the best results with minimum discomfort level. Not more than one per day is recommended.
  • This medicine will become effective 1 hour after taking it and effects may be noticeable after 45mins. Hence, it must be consumed an hour prior to sex and given time to commence action.
  • If consumed as tablet form, it should be done so along with a glass of water.
  • Intake must be subject to thorough medical check up to ascertain the correct dose required.
  • Avoiding large or fatty meals close to when one intends to take the medicine. Fatty acids nullify the effect of S.C. The same is applicable in case of citrus fruits.
  • Consumption of alcohol or smoking is strictly non-permissible. These prove to be very much adverse for pails.

Apcalis is a sure way of treating erectile dysfunction. This erectile dysfunction drug has all the required properties of being safe, effective and cheap – perfect for a common man’s use. Branded match of Apcalis is the far more expensive – Cialis.  Though both the pills are believed to have the same action, Apcalis is more popular due to the easy pricing. Apcalis is an oral medicine that has to be pushed down the throat by water or a non-alcoholic beverage. This successful ED dug has a fast action and provides a stiff male reproductive organ in barely 20 minutes of consuming it. The effect holds for 24 to 36 hours.

Opting for Apcalis, a brilliant generic medication for tackling impotence has some great benefits. Because Apcalis is a prescribed pill, take it on prescription only. The dosage level has to be suggested by doctor; else, it will lead to over-consumption – rendering negative side effects. The effects of this can be felt within a span of 20 minutes after intake. It gets readily dissolved with blood and works on with erection processing. It effectively resolves the issue of impotence by enhancing the blood supply to the genital organs. Thus, it helps to get rid of impotency completely.

Therefore, men suffering from erectile dysfunction would see an end of the same after starting to consume Apcalis. The side effects are minimum – baring some abnormal consumptions or exceptional cases. Else, the drug has gained worldwide acceptance as one of the best-suited medicated drug for enjoying a tension-free sexual relationship.