Anxiety and fear phobia can have bad repercussion on your body and mind. It may have some cure through medication and therapies

People who suffer from anxiety and fear phobia are greatly depressed. They are scared of almost everything in life. Not all the phobias of this type may be severe. The individuals may have a fear of only certain things. This can affect the personal, social, economic and also the cultural life. Fear of people, places, animals, food and sleep may be quite disruptive.

These individuals may become too clingy to certain thoughts and things and also develop personality disorders. Impulsive behavior or obsession can also result through this. Facing disturbing or difficult situations can be too pressurizing for them. Stuttering, sweating, headache, shortness of breath and fidgeting may be the initial signs of this phobia.


This can exist in children and also adults or elderly people. Diseases and other mental or physical disabilities can also aggravate the matter. You can take doctor’s advice or show to a psychiatrist, if you face similar situation. Parents and friends support is very significant in recovering from this condition.

Their intelligence level may be good but ill behavior and thoughts can deter their positive action. Emotional depression and pressure at work and love life can provoke fear and anxiety phobia. Hormonal imbalance and also production of some chemicals in the body can also usher in this dilemma. Keeping the mind free of negative thoughts can help you over this.

Antidepressants and other medications along with some exercises can aid in recovering. Behavioral and cognitive therapies may also render relief. It can even affect the mentality and the mental condition of others around. A person low on confidence and the self esteem will spread the same feeling to others. This can put them in isolation.

Prevention and treatment

It is necessary to take up the challenge and understand the condition of such people, anxiety and fear attacks can occur anytime, even when it is least expected. If you care for that person, take a little more effort and help the individual through the bad time. Temper problems or mood swings can happen. Keeping away from others and avoiding food are some of the signs.

If something like this occurs, let them cool their mind for sometime. Encourage them to eat and praise them for the activities they perform. If they have fear regarding something, try to break it out. Do this gently by showing practical positive situations countering their negative beliefs. Do not let them miss any session with the psychiatrist.

Allow them to loosen up by talking with them and instill confidence. The more they involve with friends and get away from their fears, the faster they will recover. Get them to do some positive activity to take their mind off the stimulant. Last but not the least, relief them of the anxiety by making proper sleeping and eating schedule.

Anxiety and fear phobia is therefore curable. There should be no stigma attached to it. Get it treated on time and this will save you from other adversaries.