Amyotrophical lateral sclerosis leads to many muscular issues and is a common and a kind of motor neuron disease

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a condition that leads to muscle atrophy as spasticity. Weakness of the tissues is also seen. Dysphagia is the difficulty of swallowing and dysarthria is the issue of inability in speaking. Both of these lead to serious complications. Reduction in the ease of breathing can also result due to this.


ALS is a disorder that is motor neuron disease. The lower and upper motor neurons degenerate and causes atrophy and muscle weakness. The muscle stops functioning and leads to atrophy. In severe cases, the patients may lose their ability to control or initiate any voluntary movement. Bowel and bladder movement or the eye muscles function normally, but this disorder can also affect them.

The sufferers may succumb to frontotemporal dementia. There may be some changes in the brain that one can identify by neuropsychological testing. The people who are affected by ALS have their autonomic nervous system and sensory nerve functioning are normal and therefore they can maintain a balance in senses like touch, sight, smell, hearing and taste.

Initially the patient may trip or stumble without any reason. Difficulty in gripping or performing a manual task can happen. From limb, the disease spreads to the legs and arms. In later case when the disorder worsens, a person may find it difficult to eat properly and choke over the food. A person may start gaining weight and become still weak internally.


There are many causes of ALS. The potential ones include military service, sports activities and even head trauma. Exposure to chemicals and electromagnetic field can also lead to it. Electric shock or some severe physical trauma or occupational hazard can make ALS occur. Some findings say that it may relate to family hereditary too.


There are medications that help people survive for more months and also aids in reducing the time to the need of the ventilation support. They are not able to reverse the effect on the motor neurons. But the patients need to go through the diagnosis for liver damage from time to time because these medicines may have some aide effects.

There are many therapies that can make the patients suffering from ALS to lead a better life till they can survive. Speech and occupational therapy along with the physical one can excellently help the patients with ALS. Exercises to improve the functioning of the muscles are undertaken.

Reducing the pain and facilitating the mobility of the muscles is the main focus of these therapies. Aerobic exercises, stationary bicycling, and even swimming can enhance the muscle movement and strengthening. The heart condition and even fatigue can lessen to quite an extent.

Contractures and pain can also calm with these therapies. Some home accessories like walkers, braces toilet risers, and even shower chairs can help them to do their chores on their own. Support of family and friends can make them feel better.