Most of you might have heard from your grandma that aloe Vera gel help to cure all the skin problems. It is a real fact that aloe Vera gel is very beneficial for your skin.

Aloe Vera gel is a substance that is taken from the leaf of this plant. It’s thick and a thorny leaf contains pure gel that is very useful for many skin problems. Aloe Vera gel helps to fight against bacteria and decrease the chemical production that causes pain.

You will easily find this gel in any grocery stores. This gel can be used as a skin product or for many skin problems treatment. Due to its good feature, this gel has become the most popular remedy to treat all the skin issues.

What are the uses of aloe Vera gel?

It is used for many wounds and burn treatments

Aloe Vera gel is very helpful for many problems like sunburns, small cuts and wound. Aloe Vera gel aid to cure cuts and gets healed within 9 days. You must never apply aloe Vera gel open wounds. This gel can be applied only for small injuries. Some researchers have suggested that using aloe Vera for second-degree burns or deep wounds might adversely affect the condition. Therefore, it is very necessary to use this gel only for minute problems to prevent from severe accidents.

Genital Herpes Lesions Treatment

Herpes is generally a viral infection that causes cold sores mainly in the mouth. Using water based solution will assist to cure this problem. As told by the dermatologist that men suffering from herpes can reduce the problem up to 70 percent after applying 0.5 percent aloe Vera cream. Researchers have also found that applying aloe Vera cream daily on minor injuries can cure within seven days. Almost 60 percent of people using aloe Vera gel have got totally cured in two week that the person who uses medicines by injecting or through saline water. Aloe Vera cream is very effective for small cuts and wounds than aloe Vera gel.

Psoriasis Treatment

Psoriasis is the unceasing problems that build up the dead skin cells. Aloe Vera gels facilitate to decrease the growth of dead skin cells. It has been found in studies that people suffering from psoriasis have reduced the symptoms of itching and flaking within a month after applying 0.5 percent of aloe Vera gel. On the other hand, researchers also have found that aloe Vera was not so beneficial as compared to placebo. It has found that aloe Vera plant proves to be less effective for psoriasis.

Seborrhea Treatment

Seborrhea is a skin condition that occurs on face, Groin and chest. This problem appears red patches and becomes scaly. Seborrhea usually occurs in the infant cradle cap. The study has suggested that applying aloe gel on the affected area have almost reduced the problem in four to six weeks. Aloe Vera gel is very safe for children and infants. Therefore using a mixture of commercial aloe Vera and aloe Vera gel is very effective.