Dry mouth occurs due to the inadequate amount of saliva present in your mouth there are three ways of the saliva glands.

The maximum amount of saliva present in the bottom of your mouth near to your tongue. However, the area at the top of y0our mouth against your cheek generates less amount of saliva. When all the factors work properly in your mouth, you can able to produce a great amount of saliva.

The problem of causing dry mouth becomes worsen in the night, this is because when you feel asleep you can take the various steps to get rid from the dry mouth as you can do it in the day like taking a sip of water all the time.

What are the causes of dry mouth?

Dry mouth is the common problem appears in person there are no proper medication can be used to get rid of dry mouth because medication. This might persist some other side effects and make the problem extremely worsened than before. Women experience this problem when they wear lipstick. The various effects may also cause dry mouth including nerve damage, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy and many other diseases can appear this kind of problem. It is said that dry mouth and aging correlated with it.

What is the identification?

Dry moth appears during the night time can be identified once you wake up in the morning carrying the sticky and dry mouth. Due to dry mouth your mouth and throat starts burning and you feels dryness on your tongue. Dryness in the mouth can cause difficulty in the chewing, speaking, swallowing and tasting. You may also experience with the soreness in your mouth, especially when you sleep at the side of your cheek and your teeth often rubs with the cheek and thus your mouth sores in some cases. Bad breath is the common problem with dry mouth.

What is the Treatment?

To cure from the dry mouth your doctor will provide you some tablets that will not only cure the dryness in the mouth but also helps to improve the digestion and avoid from decaying of the tooth. If you often come up with this problem, then drink plenty of water every day or glass of water near to you bed. Make sure that you keep your room temperature humid and avoid taking the dry air because dry air often leads to dry mouth. You must always talk to your doctor after taking a self medication to avoid side effects.

How can it be prevented?

One must avoid the intake of tobacco products, alcohol or the beverages which contains caffeine. You must check out the ingredients before purchasing of using the mouth outwash. The problem may also occur if you breath the from moth rather than from nose. Excessive snoring in the night nay also causes your mouth to dry.


If the dry mouth react to your other parts of your body like dryness in the eyes, fatigue, rashes, shortage in breathing, and nosebleed then it is very necessary to concern this to the doctor and treat this problem as soon as possible.