Allergy can range in humans in intensity. There are many causes to it and it is also important to identify the allergens. This will allow for an apt treatment plan for your body

The condition of the body reacting to certain substances that are otherwise pretty harmless is termed as allergy. This is because our immune system and the internal part of the system identifies these elements as something foreign and respond to this by going defensive and producing some juices and changes that can cause some negative reactions. These elements are known as allergens.

Ill effects of different allergies

The body releases histamines. These are some antibodies in chemical form. There are few other chemicals that the body produces along with histamine. This may lead to inflammation of different parts and organs. The inflammation normally attacks the organs and the tissues. Skin and the soft membranes are the first to portray the symptoms of any allergy.

Mucous membranes, gastro intestinal track and lungs are the chief victims of the allergies. Respiratory symptoms will include the breathing problem, blockage and irritation of the nose membranes, sneezing and wheezing, sinus and running of the nose. Redness of the eye along with its watering may also result from many allergens.

Increase in the heartbeat and tiredness, dizziness are other common signs. Burning sensation of the skin along with scalds and rashes may also occur in some of the allergies. The allergens that affect the stomach may cause pain in the abdomen and bloating of the body. Intestinal gas and problems in the bowel movements may also happen. Other dilemmas may include bleeding while passing stools and palpitating.

Some external factors that may lead to allergies

In food, the most common allergens are the eggs, wheat, strawberries, com, milk, chocolate, coffee and yeast. But a person may not be allergic to all. Some specific food items may be responsible for the occurrence of certain allergies. Sometimes the person may develop secondary allergies also.

They may however not relate to the allergens in the secondary food product. The gastrointestinal tract, nervous system, skin and the respiratory system may succumb to issues that correspond to these allergens. Headaches may result from chocolate and wheat, whereas the migraine can have other factors like cheese, nuts, citrus fruits, tomatoes, alcoholic beverages, nitrates and many more.

Hay fever happens through milk, sulfites, nuts, wheat, chocolates and cola drink. Eczema on the other hand is due to tomatoes, eggs and citrus fruits. Asthma has the common egg and wheat as causative agents. Hives may be because of mangoes, shellfish, strawberries, chocolates, nuts, pork and few others.

When it comes to chemicals, pesticides, food additives and colors are the chief promoters of the allergies. Hydrocarbons and chemical sprays may also induce some conditions that our body may react to. There are multiple other chemicals that can encourage the diseases in the system.

There are some substances in the natural environment that may be responsible too for this. Flowers, mold, grasses, pollens, spores, insects, trees, dust and lot many others.