Consumption of Alcohol is considered to be a very bad habit. These days, not only adults but even teenagers are getting addicted to alcohol. There are many harmful effects of alcohol on the mind and body of teenagers.

We all know that consumption of alcohol is not good for our health, but we still consume it in large quantities. The consumption of alcohol has been there since ancient ages and was called by different names. Today, the alcohol business has grown leaps and bounds, but the effects of this intoxicating beverage remain the same. Alcohol has similar effects on people of different age groups. If an adolescent consumes 330 ml of Scotch, or if a mid-aged man consumes 330 ml of scotch, they both will get drunk to the same capacity.

Drinking Alcohol is Bad for Health

Consumption of alcohol induces intoxication, which cannot be reversed for a few hours. When a person is in an inebriated condition, he or she cannot take total control of the actions. Hence, you have very strict laws of drinking and driving. In most countries, you will be charged a heavy fine for drinking and driving and that’s not all; you can even get your driving license cancelled.

Consumption of alcohol is responsible for many mishappenings like accidents, fire injuries, drowning, child abuse cases, suicides and even industrial accidents. There are short and long term effects of alcohol consumption. The short term effects include illness and less effciency at work. It is a fact that alcohol consumption can contribute to criminal behavior.

Effects of Alcohol

The long term effects of alcohol consumption are heart damage, liver disease, hypertension and stroke, digestive system cancers, digestive system disorders (for example stomach ulcers), increasing risk of breast cancer, brain damage,mood and personality change disorders, sleeping difficulties, sexual impotence and reduced fertility, nutrition-related conditions, difficulty concentration and memory problems, and risks to unborn babies.

In addition to the aforementioned effects, you will find that alcohol consumption often leads to fights in the house. When a young adolescent starts to drink alcoholic beverages, he or she may get into a fight with the parents.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Craving of Alcohol Can lead to Disasters

Due to the age factor, young people don’t get much affected by the alcoholic drinks, but when they drink for extended periods of time, the body will show signs of distress. There is a tolerance factor that creates a craving for more and more alcohol. When a young adult starts with one peg, he or she may get intoxicated immediately for a few occasions. However, as time goes by, the same one peg may not be sufficient. In other words, the drinker has gained tolerance for that amount of alcohol.

Withdrawal Symptoms

When regular drinkers think of stopping their alcoholic habits all of a sudden, then there are withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms include—headache, sweating, depression, tremor, anxiety, nausea, and difficulty in breathing.

If you are drinking eight pegs on a daily basis, you will have to check with a doctor before you stop the habit. In such drinkers, the withdrawal symptoms can get a bit worse as well.

When you consume alcohol in moderate quantities, you will not have much of a problem during the cessation of this bad habit, but there are some mild withdrawal symptoms that can be seen.